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The Line Dancers of South Australian are pleased to announce the publication of Peter Heath's first book on the subject.The book is a soft cover paperback.
    Covering aspects of the craft, this book covers all you need to know about line dancing. In the course of 223 pages, Peter takes you through all the knowledge required to learn and enjoy line dancing for all ages.

    Author's Note.
    The book I have written has elements directed at all facets of line dancing, from dancers, instructors, choreographers and everyone in between. In this book I have attempted to capture what works for me and my organization, over the past quarter Century. I have proposed a lot of things that work for us, that are likely to be very different from what others are doing. If this book makes people think about what they are doing, and commences a standardisation process across the World, then I will have achieved my major goal.  

    Please consider the purchase of this book which will be personally signed by Peter. If you require any special inscription, then please either e-mail him or add a note to the PayPal invoice.
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We are also pleased to announce that this book is now available for e- readers. Please click the Hat below to take you to
The Apple Store. Priced at U S $ 9.99