Online / Cashless Payments Page
    We are now accepting online payments for both online classes and also for cashless multi-pass purchases for physical classes.
    Should you wish to purchase a multi-pass, in the reference field please state your name and the class (Clarence for example) and session (Thursday AM) so we can send the pass to the correct instructor for you to pick up.
    The pass is for 10 classes, so will cost 10 times the standard attendance fee you are paying using cash.
    I would suggest you also send an email to to notify us that you have ordered a multi-pass to ensure it is dealt with promptly.
    The multi-pass will have 10 numbers that get clicked once each as you use up the pass. You can share the pass between customers of the same class, but each multi-pass is exclusively for a single particular class location and session. Once all the numbers have been clicked, you will need to purchase another pass, or pay in cash as you used to do in the past.

There are two ways you can get online payments to us

1. Pay us via direct deposit (no deductions taken out) using our bank details:
BSB: 065122, Account No: 11191651, Account Name: Peter Heath
This is our preferred option for Australian Customers, due to the PayPal fees.
2. Pay us via our PayPal account (they deduct approx. $0.50 each transaction) using the email: via the PayPal button BELOW (it also accepts credit cards).

    If you are unfamiliar with using Direct Debit Depositing Banking, then here is a brief explanation of how it all works  (think of how you send a letter in the post)

    The BSB is like the postcode, it says which Bank the money will go to.
    The Account Number is like the address of the letter.
    The Account Name is who the letter is for.
    The Reference is like a Return address, so the Receiver knows who sent it.

Thanks, Liz & Peter Heath