Welcome to our latest newsletter. So we are now starting to get used to the mask wearing. It is not that much of an imposition, as we are mostly dancing or drinking water. It does make for interesting communications at the door with muffled voices however. We appreciate the support of everyone that has resumed their attendance in class. We will however have to assess the existence of some classes, due to reduced numbers, which we will be doing over the next couple of weeks.
We cancelled the Aug. social, but the planned Sept, Oct, Nov. and Dec. ones are going ahead. Hope to see you there.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

    It seems that some people are still confused about the "legality" of dancing and Covid-19 restrictions. The mandate "NO DANCING ALLOWED" is referring to nightclubs and licensed venues selling alcohol. Our kind of dancing is classified as Fitness and Social dancing, and is allowed provided we use the masks when not exercising, eating or drinking (non alcoholic beverages) and do correct contact tracing.     The only venue that is affected is the West Croydon RSL, when the bar is open during the afternoon class. That particular class has been moved to an adjacent hall within the same premises, that has no alcohol access.


The dates for the upcoming socials are:
Sunday 19 th September
Sunday 17 th October
Sunday 7 th November
Sunday 12 th December
    The socials run from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm and reasonably priced meals are available from 12 Noon. The December Xmas social will be a ticketed social to ensure we do not get too crowded and non covid-19 compliant. The other socials have never got to the numbers where that is a concern. Bring you own nibbles (not to share). Non alcoholic drinks, chips and chocolates are available from the bar as well as the standard free tea and coffee (bring your own cup).
    The caterers are offering a "Breakfast Menu" as well as the standard menu, so I am including the information about that here as well.
    In addition, there are take away frozen meals available for $ 8 each which are delicious (I've had one already).

    Rachel and Nick's Wedding

    For those that have been asking about seeing some photos from the wedding in Melbourne in May, here are a few samplers.

>From Left - Justin (Peter's Son), Peter, Liz, Nick, Rachel

Don't they look gorgeous

The happy couple.

The dancing and drumming at the reception was breathtaking.

All of the "official party" were "presented" to the reception.

    Online Classes - Facebook Only
    We continue to stream the Wednesday class 10.00 am - Noon (Adelaide Time). If you cannot get to class for whatever reason, why not join in. You don't have to have a Facebook account, just go to our web site and touch on the link (Blue Thumb button) and it will come up. Remember that the recording stays on the page for at least a week, but the music may be muted by the licensing robots, so join in with it live for best chance of actually being able to dance.

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