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    Welcome to our eleventh email newsletter for 2020 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
Resumption of Classes
New Classes Opening
2020 Socials
Festival Season Classes
Class Level Names
How the Dance Programme works
Optional Cashless Classes
LDSA Online Classes
Overseas Travel
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Resumption of Classes.

    Apart from the exceptions stated below, all classes are already open as normal.
Those exceptions are:
Goolwa Easy - Friday Afternoons - This class has moved from Currency Creek back to Goolwa, but in a new hall (probably permanently). It is now at the Holy Evangelist Church Hall, 23 Cadell St. Goolwa (entrance via Crocker St.).

Glengowrie Wednesday Afternoons - Is running, but unavailable to people not living in the retirement village at this stage.
    If you are in contact with any of your fellow dancers that do not have email, please let them know about these changes, so we can get back to "normal" attendance as quick as possible.
Liz & Peter.

New Classes Opening.

    Now that things are back to relative normality in South Australia, all our classes are running at a sustainable strength. In fact we are continuing to attract new customers, which is very encouraging, so we are exploring new locations for beginners classes. Details are below...
    A new potential class is:
Lightsview - Easy - Monday Nights - Venue and time to be confirmed for a trial - Instructor: Patch.

2020 Socials.

    Attending and participating in a social is a great way to exercise the knowledge and skills you have developed in your class. It is also a great way to explore and try out a few dances from the level above the one you are currently dancing at. All dances are briefly walked through for a couple of walls, so you don't have to actually remember the dances, and the programme is made up from requests gathered at the social or beforehand from dancers or your instructors, so you get to see what is popular at the other classes as well as your own.
    Our second post Covid-19 social was well supported with over 50 dancers attending. Our next social will be using the current format this Sunday 11 th October at 1.30 pm till 5.00 pm.
    Our planned Xmas social at Goodwood has been officially cancelled and our booking moved to next year at about the same time (Early November) due to Liz being sick and Covid restrictions making catering and mass dancing difficult.
    We are going to run a replacement social on Sunday November 8 th as well as our planned breakup social on December 13 th.
    Due to the increasing interest and attendance at our socials, we are changing the format to continue to provide a Covid safe environment for our people, without having to turn people away because of overcrowding.
    We are going to run 2 socials per day, with a 1 hour gap between them. This gap will enable the first group of dancers to vacate the car park before the second group of dancers arrive. If you are in the second group, please don't arrive more than 30 minutes early.
    The first social will run from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and will include level 1 through 4 dances, which will cater for the Lifestyle, Easy and Transition dancers. For those that are missing the choreography that has moved up from level 3 to level 4, here is your chance to get it.
    The second social will run from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm and will include level 4 through 7 dances, which will cater for the Transition, Mainstream, Crossover and Challenge dancers.
    Both socials will have a 15 minute break at the 1.5 hour mark to have nibbles/lunch/dinner (you provide but not to share) and coffee (provided) and a chat before resuming, so bring your own nibbles and coffee cup.
    As you can see, the Transition dancers can choose which social is appropriate for their experience and motivation level, as their dances are included in both socials.
We will not be having any split floors, and everyone will get more dancing at the level that they are attending if they choose the appropriate level for their experience.
    Attendance will be by pre-purchased tickets, available at the previous social, and then available from your instructors in class for $ 15. There will be a maximum of 75 tickets sold per social. There will be 15 tables available with each seating 5 people (2 each side, and 1 at the wall end of the table). The seat (if there is one) at the dance floor end of the table is for instructors only, so that the dance floor is kept as clear as possible. The tables will not be pre-allocated, and we expect everyone to be courteous and inviting of people who do not have a group of other dancers that they know.
    We will only sell tickets to one social per person. If you wish to attend both socials then you must wait for the second ticket till closer to the date, so that everyone has a chance to get a ticket (please let your instructor know of your interest). We can then release any unsold tickets for those that would like to double up. There will only be tickets available at the door if they have not been sold out prior. Due to Covid, spectators are discouraged as they are taking up a space that could be occupied by an actual dancer.

Festival Season Classes.

    Last year Johnathon ran some classes over the Xmas break that were sufficiently well supported for us to do them again this Xmas break. There will be classes both in the north and in the south during the break.
    In the north they will be at Ballville St, Prospect on every Thursday in January.
    In the south they will be at Dinwoodie Ave, Clarence Gardens on every Tuesday in January.
    There will be 2 classes each day, the first in the morning will be Easy level from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm, and the second in the afternoon will be Transition level from 1 pm to 3 pm. If you are going to the afternoon class, please don't arrive more than 15 mins early, so the early class can clear the car park.
    The programme will be made up of classic dances, with no new material being added, so those not attending don't miss out on the latest dances. They do however give the addicts the opportunity to request dances they would like to revisit and get some exercise and social interaction over the festival break. Everyone is welcome to join in at either or both locations, it is your choice.

Class Level Names explained.

    Over the nearly 30 years we have been teaching line dancing, the descriptive names we give our class levels have changed a number of times, as we become more aware of what we are actually providing and to whom. They are considerably different from those used elsewhere in the World, so I though I might explain why.
    Elsewhere the terms: Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, Advanced Beginner, Absolute Beginner, Easy Intermediate etc. are used to describe class (and dance choreography) levels. These all have one thing in common. They all describe something that is "not quite there yet". It seems the assumption is that everyone should aspire to reaching the ultimate goal which I gather is Advanced dancing.
    We determined after a few years that very few people aspire to reaching the elite level in dance proficiency. Most are happy to reach a level that keeps their intellectual interest and provides them the social contact they require.
    We consider that calling someone who wants to stay at the lower end of the difficulty spectrum a beginner after 15 years is fairly insulting. Even calling someone who has been dancing for 25 years an Intermediate dancer is still not respecting their abilities and efforts they have put in to get to that level.
    For that reason, we have invented the terms: Lifestyle, Easy, Mainstream and Challenge levels as more relevant to the product we are providing and the needs of our customers.
    We have also adopted the terms: Transition and Crossover to describe between level classes that have been established to assist people to move from one level to the next. They include the easier material of the next level in a teaching style familiar at the lower level with less assumed knowledge. They are not really intended as a permanent level, and have very little time for requests as new people are coming though all the time.

How The Dance Programme Works.

    It has been suggested that I explain how we programme the selection of dances that we do in class.
    There is quite a process involved in selecting the dances we do. Firstly Peter sources a selection of potential dances from various web sites and instructor networks, and from suggestions from dancers that like to scan the internet, or that have visited classes elsewhere, locally, interstate and overseas.
    Next those dances are translated into our terminology and the music sourced. Then they are leveled in estimated difficulty using a computer algorithm written by Peter.
    These dances are then presented to a workshop of our instructors that is run every 10 weeks. There the instructors try out the potential dances and vote on your behalf as to the suitability of the dance, the suspected popularity, and their opinion of the level. Each dance only gets about 3 minutes attention to learn, dance and vote before moving on. We often get through 50 dances in a workshop.
    Peter then takes those results and uses them to select the new material for the upcoming programme. These new dances are blended with a selection of classic dances from past years on a recurring basis (usually 4 or 5 years between occurrences).
    Each level class has a different programming makeup of new and existing dances.These programme structures have been developed over many years of trial and error, and are still being adapted as we continue to learn and innovate.
    Lifestyle Level - a mix of Level 1 and 2 dances with two new dances each week that are repeated the following week.
    Easy Level - a mix of Level 1, 2 and 3 dances. The first two dances are level 1 or 2, then there is a new dance for the class (brand new for the club every 2 to 3 weeks) which is then repeated for the next 2 weeks. Then there is time for requests.
Transition Level - a mix of Level 4 dances. The first dance is a warm up classic dance (see Note) or a brand new Level 3 dance (so they keep in touch with the Easy level they have recently graduated from). The next is a new level 4 dance for the class (brand new for the club every 2 to 3 weeks) which is then repeated for the next 2 to 3 weeks.
    Mainstream Level - a mix of Level 4 and 5 dances. The first dance is a classic level 4 dance as a warm up (see Note). The next dance is a brand new dance to the club, alternating between level 4 and 5. The next is last weeks new dance. The last dance is a classic level 5 dance. Then there is time for requests. After 4 weeks we have a revision week where we go over the previous weeks 4 new dances.
    Crossover Level - a mix of level 6 dances. The first dance is a warm up classic dance (see Note). The next is a new level 6 dance for the class (brand new for the club every 2 to 3 weeks) which is then repeated for the next 2 to 3 weeks.
    Intermediate/Challenge Level - a mix of level 6 and 7 dances. The first dance is a classic level 6 dance as a warm up (see Note). The next dance is a brand new dance to the club, alternating between level 6 and 7. The next is last weeks new dance. There is then time for requests. After 4 weeks we have a revision week where we go over the previous weeks 4 new dances.
    Note: often one that has recently been elevated from a lower level due to it's difficulty
    Many people religiously write down the dances taught each week, and often then mark alongside if the like them or not. This is a great idea as it helps when deciding on making a request at the end of the session or at a social.

Optional Cashless Classes.

    We are offering a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card (Green Card) or a 5 class card (Red Card) which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefore a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
    You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.
    Details of our bank account are on our web site under "Online Payment" should you wish to pay that way.

LDSA Online Classes.

    We are now running live streamed classes at three different levels.
    The classes schedule are:
    Mondays 1.30 pm for 2 hours - Challenge / Intermediate Level
    Tuesdays 1 pm for 1 hour - Easy / Beginner Level
    Wednesdays 10 am for 2 hours - Mainstream / Improver Level
    We are still having technical issues with the music licensing robots and our recordings are often being muted (the music is being deleted). This is even though we have a license to broadcast the music, but not World wide, which is the issue. We also have some technical difficulties with the multiple cameras going into the laptop causing some cameras and microphones to freeze. We would need to invest more money into the equipment to avoid this, but, as we are not charging at the moment, there is no funding to justify further capital expense. We have explored using Zoom, but there is a cost involved for us, and some technical issues to overcome, so at this stage we will stay with Facebook Live.
    We have had a lot of interest in our current classes from our Victorian associates who are still in lock-down as well as a number of international and regional country associates. There are also a lot of people checking us out as they cruise around the internet. Some of them are trolls dropping stupid advertising messages which we just ignore. When we do charge, it is likely to be a flat monthly fee of $ 50 to get access to as many classes as you want during the subscription month. If you are wanting us to continue developing our live stream classes we would welcome a donation to encourage us to persevere.
    There is quite a lot of work required to sustain these classes, but we think that there is a market there that we have not tapped into in the past, so we plan on continuing to develop our online presence past Covid-19. If you have any suggestions or feedback about these online classes, please email them to classes@linedancesofsa.org

Overseas Travel.

    Our cruise from Hawaii has been officially cancelled as have our flights, and we are arranging the refunds that have been offered. We still would like to do the Egypt trip, and a river cruise through Europe, but obviously any dates or details are unavailable at this stage. Let us know if you have any interest in these options.


    For those not aware, Liz has been battling a case of the Shingles for over a Month now. It is a very very debilitating disease caused by an activation (unknown reason why) of the dormant chicken pox virus and should be avoided if possible (just ask her when you see her). Apparently there is a vaccine available that is free for those over 70 Years of age, and costs a few hundred dollars if you are younger. We highly recommend you get it if it is available to you. You do not want to go through the pain that Liz is still going through over a Month later.

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