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    We are starting to wind down now for the end of Year. There are a few changes happening to classes in the New Year, so check out if it effects classes you attend.
See also below for information about:
LDSA Class Changes for 2022
Holiday Class Programme
Upcoming Socials
Line Dance Overseas Holiday
Online Classes
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

LDSA Class Changes for 2022

    Unfortunately, Noleen has decided to no longer be a teacher for LDSA after 2021, though she still intends to dance with us when able. We wish her good luck for her future endeavors.
    This has meant that we have had to do even more rearrangements to our structure to keep all the existing classes running. There may be a few additional small changes to come, but here are the ones already in the pipeline:
Colonel Light Gardens - Easy Thursday morning - New Instructor: Johnathon

Clarence Gardens - Mainstream Monday morning - New instructor: Johnathon

Clarence Gardens - Easy Monday afternoon - New instructor: Johnathon

Unley - Easy Friday afternoon. Unfortunately we cannot get an instructor to do the current time slot. We have arranged Thursdays at 12.45 pm till 1.45
pm as a replacement, so I hope that will suit most of you - New Instructor: Johnathon

Windsor Gardens - Crossover Friday Morning - As part of our restructure, this class will be moving hall, day, time and instructor. The replacement class will be:
Marden - Crossover Thursday Afternoons 12.30pm-2.30pm - New Instructor: Liz

Marden - Transition Tuesday Morning - This class will be moving up to becoming a Mainstream class - Instructor: Liz

Marden - Easy Tuesday Afternoon 12.30 pm-2.30 pm - This is a brand new beginners class - Instructor: Liz

West Croydon - Easy Tuesday Afternoon - New instructor: Probably Peter

West Croydon - Challenge Tuesday Night - Peter will replace Liz as the permanent Instructor.

Elizabeth - Easy Thursday Night - Looking for a new hall for 2022

    Should any of these changes affect you as a dancer detrimentally, please let us know, so we can make any adjustments that may be possible to accommodate your issues.

    By 2022, both Johnathon and Robyn will have completed their training as Crossover/Challenge instructors and will be able to relieve those level classes should they be needed. Congratulations to you both, as I know how much time and effort you have both put in, and I am very proud of how well you have both made the step up.

Holiday Class Programme (Repeat)

    Over the last few years, we have been offering line dance classes over the Xmas break for the addicted devotees, or those wanting some social contact and exercise during the long break.
    In the past we offered 2 classes North and 2 classes South, with one being Easy Level and the other Transition Level. Though the concept was successful overall, we found out that many people were using those classes as an opportunity to explore the next level up rather than the level they currently danced. Therefore the Transition class was well supported, but the beginner class was not as successful.
    So this Xmas break we have decided to run them slightly differently. We will only be offering one class North (West Croydon - RSL) and one class South (Clarence Gardens - St Francis Church).
Clarence Gardens - St Francis Community Centre, Cnr South Rd and Dinwoodie Ave (park on the tennis court) - Monday 10 am-Noon, 3 rd, 10 th, 17 th and 24 th of January
West Croydon - RSL, Cnr Rosetta St & Herbert Road, Thursday 10 am-Noon, 6 th, 13 th, 20 th and 27 th January
    These classes will have material from levels 3 to 5 as part of the programme. There will be a level 5 dance taught, but there will not be any requests for level 5 material allowed, so the class doesn't get too difficult for the newer dancers. There will not be any actual new choreography introduced, but will draw from our vast selection of classic dances gathered over the years. Johnathon will be running both classes. Should inexperienced dancers attend, the level will be adjusted to accommodate them for some of the session if practical.


The dates for the upcoming socials are:
Sunday 7 th November
Sunday 12 th December
    The last two socials have been very well attended, and we are hoping for a large crowd this Sunday as well. We are especially encouraged by the number of newer dancers braving their first socials and giving it a red hot go at even the higher level dances.
    The socials run from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm and cost $15.
    The December Xmas social will be a ticketed social to ensure we do not get too crowded and non covid-19 compliant. There are about 20 tickets left for that social, so be quick to snap them up. We will have access to the back hall as well, so can have a split floor with separate microphones to make the walk through's more audible.
    Bring you own nibbles (not to share). Non alcoholic drinks, chips and chocolates are available from the bar as well as the standard free tea and coffee (bring your own cup).
    Meals are available from 12 Noon (menu and prices below), and in addition, there are take away frozen meals available for $8 each which are delicious. For the November social there is an additional menu item, Chicken Kiev (see below). For the December social, there will be the choice of Xmas roast as an additional menu item.

Line Dance Overseas Holiday (Repeat)

    We are finally seeing the light at the end of the overseas travel ban tunnel. I suspect many are like us and itching to travel again, but a bit scared to plan anything. We are in the process of planning our next holiday offering. It will be a 14 day European River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest (or Budapest to Amsterdam) in 2023, between April and November. Our agent is currently putting together a quote, and we would like to gather expressions of interest from people to see how many people to plan for.
    It will probably have NO line dance content, so don't think of it as a line dance holiday as such, but a holiday with a group of people with similar fitness and interests. This means that relatives and friends are welcome to be included. The more of us there are, the less "unknown background outsiders" you will have to interact with. Any of our overseas "online customers" are also welcome to join us if you are interested.
    We are planning on travelling with Viking Cruises, as they have an excellent reputation and have very strong Covid-19 protocols for testing, catching and dealing with virus issues.
    Though Cruising has had a bad wrap in the early days of Covid-19, river cruising has only a small (around 200) number of people, and you will have your own cabin, rather than multiple hotel rooms that you would get on a traditional travel holiday.
    The quote will be for twin share, and if you want a single supplement, assume it is double unfortunately. We will have more details next newsletter, but thought it worth giving you a heads up on what is on the horizon.
    Just be aware that there is a whole world of travellers thinking the same thing, and many of the cruises are already booked out for 2023, so be ready to react quickly when we have more information and prices. Due to the low numbers of customers on each ship, we may only have one booking opportunity, so latecomers are likely to miss out.

Online Classes - Facebook Only

    We continue to stream the Wednesday class 10.00 am - Noon (Adelaide Time). If you cannot get to class for whatever reason, why not join in. You don't have to have a Facebook account, just go to our web site and touch on the link (Blue Thumb button) and it will come up. Remember that the recording stays on the page for at least a week, but the music may be muted by the licensing robots, so join in with it live for best chance of actually being able to dance. Sometimes the music robots cut off the broadcast early, so don't be surprised.
    We are exploring "Microsoft Teams" as an alternative broadcast method, and will let you know if it is suitable when the testing is complete.

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