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    Welcome to our sixth email newsletter for 2020 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
LDSA Online Classes
Not interested in Online Classes?
When CoVid-19 Restrictions are lifted, then what...
Paying Bills Online
Overseas Travel
We hope you are keeping safe, well and entertained through these difficult times.
Thanks Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team.

LDSA Online Classes
    We are using "Facebook Live" as the online platform to bring online classes to you. You do not actually have to have a Facebook Account to view the classes, but if you do have a Facebook account, you can send messages to interact with the other participants. The link to the classes is:
    If you lose this email, then you can go to our web page and click/touch on the Facebook logo (blue square with a F on it) and you will be sent there automatically.
We are currently running them with the following schedule:

Mondays 11am -> Noon - Easy Level (4 dances) (Due to Public Holiday the Mon 8th June class will be run on Tues 9th June)
Wednesdays 11am -> Noon - Transition Level (4 dances)
Fridays 11am -> Noon - Mainstream Level (4 dances)

    We are doing this to give you the opportunity to create a routine to get you through the CoVid-19 ordeal, and to keep in touch with other dancers. We are saving the classes once the class is complete for one week only, as some people find the time slot difficult to catch. You can do the classes "not live", but obviously wont be able to interact. There may be issues with the recordings, as some of the music might be subject to copyright licensing conflict.
    Liz and I are sharing the teaching, and the participants have the opportunity to interact with messages which we read out during the class.
If you are using the phone, then you may want to invest in a Bluetooth Speaker that you can pair with your phone to improve the volume. These are available from OfficeWorks for around $30, or at various "Cheap as Chips" etc stores. No need for an expensive one, cheap will do.
    If you are dancing on carpet, you can try getting some socks and pulling them over your shoes. This will create less grip, so the turns and twists will be more comfortable.
    Some dancers approached us wanting to send us payment for the classes. Though this is not necessary, it is appreciated. We have arranged a page on our web site with information on how to send us the money. There is also a blue "Book Now" button on our Facebook page that will also send you there.
    We have invested over $ 2,000 in equipment (as well as a donation of a new laptop from our neighbour Dave, and a weekend of his time from our nephew Mark) to make these classes as professional as we can, and are still working on improving them still further, so stay tuned.
Not Interested in Online Classes?

    Quite a few of our regular customers have rung and have heard we are already doing classes and want to get in on it. They then find out that they are "online", and immediately "turn off". Let me just explain that we run them just like a normal class, with much of the benefits of your regular physical class.
    You still get the regularity of a routine with three weekly classes you can attend.
    You still get the exercise, both physical and mental, that is important for your health and well being
    You still get to interact with the teacher and other students, though it is via a text chat line (with a 20 second delay LOL)
    You get to hear about things that are happening in the line dance community
    You get to request dances that are included in the programme
    You get to try out levels of dance that you might not have tried before
    You don't have to pay (unless you would like to)
    You get entertained with the antics of two teachers competing for your attention LOL
    You even get to interact with dancers from around Australia and overseas as part of the experience.
    This isolation thing can be very bad for your mental health, so why not give it a try. What do you have to lose except your boredom.

CoVid-19 restrictions are being reduced, now what...

    We realise that once the restrictions of indoor groups is lifted, many of you may still be concerned about attending classes, while others are "chomping at the bit" to get going again. We are attempting to develop a strategy for returning to some form of normality that will allow classes to run without getting us into even more financial difficulty than we are already in and without too much bureaucracy to frustrate both the instructors and the dancers.
    Some of the PROPOSED new arrangements to make the classes conform with current and proposed restrictions are:
    Sign in sheets including name, address and phone number for every class, every time
    Mandatory Covid App on your phone
    Different entrance and exit doors to avoid congestion
    Sparse seating arrangements
    Social distancing in class, on the floor, in the toilets and during the breaks
    Compulsory wearing of masks
    Immediate departure after class to avoid "gatherings in the carpark"
    Deep cleaning of traffic areas and toilets after each class
    No kissing, hugging or handshaking
    And these two are tricky ones for us to manage.
    Prepayment and pre-booking of classes to avoid cash handling
    Maximum numbers of attendees in each venue
    We have had a number of venues contacting us wanting to know when we are resuming. We have had a number of instructors asking the same thing. We have had many dancers also asking.
    We are unlikely to open all of the classes that were available before Covid-19 immediately. We will likely do a gradual opening. The more these classes are supported, the quicker the rest of the classes will be opened. This will also depend on the availability and reviewed costs of venues, as they have their own restrictions and additional costs due to the virus.
    However I would now like to paint a very likely scenario, which highlights why we are being cautious.
    Suppose we opened a few of the larger hall classes, but not some of the smaller ones (or vica versa). The restrictions on numbers of attendees will generally mean that not all of the regular attendees will be allowed to attend. Yet there are likely to be others from not yet opened classes that want to attend. How do you pick who can come in and who can't, once the maximum level of people is reached.
    This is likely to create lines at the door hours before the start of class and many disgruntled customers who:
    Missed out on class
    Whose friend missed out on class
    Had their "spot" taken by a foreigner
    Has their friends "spot" taken by another foreigner who stopped said friend from getting in the door
    We are not sure that this wouldn't be worse than not having a class at all. We have worked so hard for years to create a relaxed, social environment for people to dance away their fears and frustrations. This has the ability to destroy all we have created if we don't handle it carefully and compassionately.
    Our current thinking is that we should wait till restrictions are eased to level 3. This should allow more people to attend classes than the current 19 (no 20 being the instructor). This may actually not be too long to wait, as restrictions seem to be easing quicker here is SA than elsewhere due to our low infection rate compared to other states.
    However, should level 3 not bring the increased numbers allowed, we are preparing to handle the limitations by creating a pre-booking and pre-payment system with multi passes specific to each class. This would be a nightmare to set up and manage, so it will be a last resort, but if it is the only way for the classes to resume, then we will have to do it.
    We will keep you informed when things change. If you are not familiar with online banking, then I recommend you explore it, just in case.

Paying Bills and Transferring Money Online.

    Once you have developed an online presence, there are options to handle your financial transactions online as well. This is very important during this period of self isolation, considering we do not know how long it may go on for. There are two main ways to transfer money online.
   1. Online Banking Apps (Application/Program/Computer thingy)
Each Bank has an "app" that you can download to your smart phone. Once you have gone through the password verification parts of setting this up, you can then use it to transfer money wherever you want. To do this, you need three pieces of information from the destination: Name, BSB and Account Number.
    The Name is the name of the person/business you want to send the funds to.
    The BSB is like the financial postcode of the destination bank / financial institution.
    The account number is like the address you want the money posted to.
    It is generally not a good idea to give these details to anyone or any organisation that you do not trust. Often your bank may charge transaction fees for online transactions, so check this out with your bank.
   2. PayPal
    PayPal is a money transfer system set up by EBay, which is an online auction house where people can buy and sell things. PayPal is an online account that you can easily set up, which allows you to transfer money in and out of a designated bank account or credit card via an email address. This can also be done via an "app" that you can download on your phone, or access via the link www.paypal.com.au on your computer.
PayPal is generally considered more secure when dealing with businesses on the internet, but the people receiving your money pay a small percentage of their money to PayPal as well as a 30 cent transaction fee, so small transactions are discouraged, as very little of the amount actually gets to the vendor.

Overseas Travel.

    It seems that overseas travel is not likely to be on the agenda for possibly a couple of years. Australia and New Zealand seem to have the virus under control, but the USA etc definitely do not. For this reason, I suspect that the Australian government is unlikely to lift travel restrictions to anywhere but New Zealand till next year at the earliest. This obviously affects our cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti. When there is more definite information, I will make inquiries about refunds etc for a travelers for some of the payments we have made. There is no guarantee we will get refunds for our deposits and airfares unfortunately.

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