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   Welcome to our fourth newsletter for 2022.
    Classes have now been back for a couple of months, and we have had our price rise. Thanks everyone for your understanding, as it was necessary for our survival as an organisation.
    There are going to be a few disruptions over the next Month due to Johnathon requiring surgery. He is needing to have his kidney removed (the other one is fine) as it has signs of potential cancer and this is to prevent it from spreading. He will be requiring 5 weeks of recovery, so everyone is stepping up to fill in as many of his classes as possible. Some others will be temporarily suspended until Johnathon returns. Some of these fill ins require a chain of changes to get get the right level instructor in the right place at the right time. Some of them also require slight time changes.
    On top of that,our first Grandchild is due on 6 th April in Melbourne, so Liz and I are planning to go over there the day after for a couple of days, and then Liz will be spending a week or so there a few weeks later,once the parents are settled in.
    We have also noticed that,due to high Covid cases here in Adelaide,that many people are imposing voluntary self isolation,and avoiding activities like line dancing. This is very frustrating for us,whilst I understand the fear,but we have been trying to keep struggling classes going, so they will be there when everyone decides to return.
    Now is the time that we have to pull the plug on those classes, as we just don't have the finances or instructors available to keep them going. I have detailed the changes below. If one of your classes is closed, or temporarily suspended, please explore the alternatives out there.
    Socials are still running with the next one tomorrow (Sunday 27 th March).

Information below on:
Covid Dancer Density Requirements
Class Changes
Upcoming Socials
Hoedowns For Country Towns
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

COVID Dancer Density Restrictions

    There are no longer any density requirements. We can have as many people in class as is practical. We still require masks while not dancing, social distancing of chairs (and the people in them LOL), contact tracing, and still require you to be double vaccinated (or more). These restrictions may change in the near future, and we will let you know when that happens.

Class Changes
    I am detailing here the changes to classes from
    Monday 28 th March.

Colonel Light Gardens - Mainstream - New time 10.30-12.30 pm - Liz relieving.

Colonel Light Gardens - Easy 1-3 pm - CLOSED (may resume later in the year)

Pasadena - Lifestyle - SUSPENDED until Johnathon returns

Fullarton - Lifestyle - New time 5.30-6.30 pm - Peter relieving

Morphett Vale - Easy 10-11.30 am - CLOSED (may resume later in the year)

Woodcroft - Lifestyle 12-1 pm - Moved to Morphett Vale (Dog Club) while Johnathon is unavailable - Shirley relieving

Hillsview - Lifestyle - SUSPENDED until Johnathon returns

Marden - Easy 1-3 pm - CLOSED (may resume later in the year)

West Croydon - Easy 5-6.30 pm - ON NOTICE (if attendance drops it closes)

West Croydon - Intermediate - New time 7.00-9.00 pm - 4 week trial of time change

Glenelg North - Transition - Robyn relieving

Glengowrie - Lifestyle - SUSPENDED until Johnathon returns

Seaton - Easy - Patch relieving

Old Reynella - Easy - Sue relieving

Colonel Light Gardens - Crossover - Shirley relieving

Colonel Light Gardens Transition - Shirley relieving

Colonel Light Gardens Easy - Peter relieving

Unley - Lifestyle - Peter relieving

Christies Beach - Transition - Shirley relieving

Morphett Vale - Intermediate - SUSPENDED until Johnathon returns (and Shirley is then available)

    Should the Grandchild be born at an inconvenient time (we have ordered it to be born on a Wednesday or Thursday LOL.) Then Peter and Liz's classes may be closed for a couple of days. We will notify the appropriate classes at the time.


We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 27 th March
Sunday 1 st May
Sunday 29 th May
Sunday 26 th June
Sunday 24 th July
Sunday 28 th August
Sunday 25 th September
Sunday 6 th November
Sunday 11 th December
    What we do about the Xmas breakup social will be determined later in the year, when we are more confident in how things will operate in 2022. We do have the 5 th November booked at Goodwood for the large Saturday event, but are keeping a Sunday slot also available should we decide to again postpone a large event due to Covid-19 concerns.
    There are no limits to numbers any more, so tickets sold beforehand are not required.
Meals are available from Noon as usual.


    A couple of line dancers are travelling the Country introducing line dancing to regional communities and raising money for charity. Here is a non active link to their information if you are interested in what they are doing.

    One of the girls Claire has been dancing here in Adelaide with us until a couple of weeks ago. We wish them all the best on their endeavors.