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March Newsletter
ALL Classes are now closed until further notice.
Please check this page on a regular basis for updates or visit us on our Facebook Page.
    Liz and I are working on setting up online live feed classes to enable our dancers to get their exercise at home and stay in touch to some small degree, should they want to.
    We are proposing three classes a week for 1 hour each on Monday (Easy), Wednesday (Transition) and Friday (Mainstream) at 11 am (Adelaide Central Standard Time) on each of those days. There will be no cost involved, but to access them, you will need to have a Facebook account on a smart device, such as a phone,tablet or maybe smart TV. We have not yet tried this out, but am assured that it is fairly easy to set up. I suspect the first few will be a bit dodgy, but we will get better with practice. We will announce them on our Facebook page when we are ready to run.
    If you wish to participate and don't have a smart device or a Facebook account, then I recommend you do some research to prepare for it. You don't need to put in much private info (name, birthdate and email address, password) to get an account, so don't panic about privacy issues.
    There is NO NEED to actually generate an account to see us. Just click on EITHER the FACEBOOK LOGO or any of the Facebook links in this message. This will take you directly to our Facebook page where you will be able to view us live when online and to read any messages or view photographs.Please ignore Facebooks message to login or join.
    After this is over, you can just delete your account if you are not hooked by then LOL. Once you have a Facebook account, you need to find our Line Dancers of South Australia Facebook page and "like" it, so you receive any announcements we send out. Good Luck to you all.
    We miss you all already and wish you safe times. See you on the other side,
Thanks Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team