JUNE 2022 Newsletter
Welcome to our seventh newsletter for 2022,
    Things are little quiet around the classes at the moment. Covid-19 cases and subsequent close contact issues are having a big effect, as well as the snowbird migration to warmer climates for the caravanners and travellers. Also many people are finally getting their medical issues attended to, after avoiding hospitals for fear of Covid-19 infection or deferral of appointments due to hospital capacity issues. There are also the usual winter colds and Flu just to top things off.
    Socials are still running, with the next one on this Sunday 26 th June.
Information below on:
Recruiting Beginners
Class Changes
What is a "Social" and how does it work?
Upcoming Socials
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Recruiting Beginners

    The time has come to attempt to get a new group of beginners into our classes. Our organisation only thrives if there is a continuous flow of new beginners to replace those that have moved up into the higher levels or left for whatever reasons. Covid-19 continues to make it difficult to recruit new people into activities such as ours over the last two years, and our class sizes are suffering because of it.
    Without reasonable sized classes, we cannot survive the cold and flu season, snowbird travel exodus and medical procedures that cause many of our current regulars to miss multiple weeks of class time. We also lost a measurable proportion of customers because of our vaccine mandate policy that we have been encouraged by many of you to maintain.
    We will be spending money on advertising in some seniors magazines, and have put an advert on a light sign outside our social venue. There are many other places we can spend money, but over the last 30 years have tried many them, and only one method seems to have any level of success. That method is "word of mouth".
    Our biggest problem is the preconception that people have from past experience 20+ Years ago. They think it is "Yee Haa" cowboy dancing and they tried it once a long time ago and it got too hard and too crowded. Our second biggest problem is that everyone thinks that it is no longer around.
    Only talking to an enthusiastic existing dancer will change their perceptions and encourage them to give it another go, or possibly a first go for many.
    If you get the chance to talk to a potential new dancer, please hi-light the following points:
It is social, a great way to make friends
We use all sorts of music, not just country
It is not crowded, there is natural social distancing
It is great but gentle cardio-vascular exercise
It is great weight bearing exercise to improve bone density
It is great mental exercise to stave off dementia
It is inexpensive and no membership commitment is required
    You can select your level of challenge and progress at your own pace
    Many potential dancers are scared to turn up on their own. If you are willing to go with them to a learners class, that you would not otherwise attend, to keep them company for a while, speak to the instructor and you can be let in for free as a "angel" while the new dancer gets settled. If you do this, you may be asked to dance in a corner, or go down the back, to give the beginners someone experienced to watch when they can't see the instructor. Be mindful however, that there is only one instructor giving guidance, you are a silent participant while the teaching is being conducted.
    I have updated the flyer to provide accurate information on where the new dancers can find a class. Please take as many of these flyers as you need, and consider asking permission to put them in doctors surgeries or other places where groups of appropriate minded potential customers might congregate. Thanks for your help.

Class Changes

    There are a few disruptions to classes approaching due to venue renovations / medical issues:
Colonel Light Gardens RSL - Thursday 23 rd June - Johnathon has a follow up hospital appointment, so the beginners class will not be running.
Unley Community Centre - Thursday 23 rd June - Johnathon has a follow up hospital appointment, so the beginners class will not be running.
Colonel Light Gardens Institute - Thursday 23 rd June - The floor is being resurfaced, so the classes will be running around the corner at the RSL. The hall may also not be available the following week. If so, then the class may be cancelled.
Morphett Vale Dog Club - Renovations from July 7 th to 30 th Sept for disabled access changes to the venue. Classes will be transferred to the Woodcroft Neighborhood Centre, 175 Bains Rd.
McLaren Vale - Community hall is being renovated, so classes may be disturbed over the next month or so.

What is a "Social" and how does it work ?

    A "Social" is a line dance function where dancers from all of the classes in the network (and some outside of it) are welcome to come together and dance as a large group. The dances performed at our socials are selected from request sheets filled in by those attending, so each social has different programme set on the day.
    Each dancer attending is eligible to nominate 5 dances to be considered for the programme. We attempt to ensure that each dancer gets at least one of their selections. We generally do between 25 and 30 dances during the session, depending on the choices nominated, so occasionally some people may not get a request. If you only nominate esoteric (unusual) requests, then you may miss out for more popular choices made by multiple people.
    All dances are walked through for a couple of walls at least. This is not the same as a teach, and knowledge of terminology will be assumed, but it will be enough to at least give the dance a go if it is within your range of experience.
    The session has a spread of different level dances, with about 45 % easy, 45 % mainstream and 10 % challenge. Many people take the opportunity to try out dances that are higher than the level they dance in class. This is encouraged and not at all frowned upon. You do need to be selective about how high you wish to stretch yourself though LOL.
    The hall has a kitchen run by a professional chef, and they have offered to put on meals for us prior to our functions. Get there from Noon to take the opportunity. Prices are very reasonable, around $ 15 for a main course.


    We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
    Sunday 26 th June
    Sunday 24 th July
    Sunday 28 th August
    Sunday 25 th September
    Sunday 6 th November
    Sunday 11 th December
    There are no limits to numbers any more, so tickets sold beforehand are not required.         Just come along and give it a go. Cost is $ 15 and all socials this year are held at the West Croydon RSL, Corner of Rosetta St and Herbert Rd.
    Meals are available from Noon as usual.

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