JULY 2022 Newsletter
    Welcome to our eighth newsletter for 2022,
    Things are little quiet around the classes at the moment. Covid-19 cases and subsequent close contact issues are having a big effect, as well as the snowbird migration to warmer climates for the caravanners and travellers. Also many people are finally getting their medical issues attended to, after avoiding hospitals for fear of Covid-19 infection or deferral of appointments due to hospital capacity issues. There are also the usual winter colds and Flu just to top things off.
Socials are still running, with the next one on this Sunday 24 th July.
Information below on:
Covid-19 Protocols
Class Changes
Our Venues
Our Instructors
Requests at Socials
Upcoming Socials
Club 30th Birthday
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See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Covid-19 Protocols

    Covid-19 continues to provide a challenge for our business. Considering the number of cases out there, and the supposed higher infectiousness of the current strains, we would recommend that people wear masks while walking into and out of classes for the near future. We still continue to keep the vaccine mandate, and will inform classes if an attendee lets us know they were positive while attending a recent class.
    We have already had 5 scares that we have told people about (fortunately no infection transfers happened). I was also a dance teacher for a Birthday event of 80+ people where 40+ of them developed Covid-19 after attending (I wasn't one of the unfortunates).
    There is no harm in being cautious in our opinion.
    So please be vigilant with your emails. Some instructors will contact you directly should they need to, but email is the easiest and quickest way for us to get the message out. If you find yourself contracting Covid-19 and have recently attended a class (the previous couple of days), please be thoughtful of your fellow dancers and let us know ASAP. If you don't want your name mentioned, that is OK, but everyone realises that no-one is deliberately exposing anyone, and knowing who it is will help people decide if they have interacted closely with that person and may affect their decision on getting tested.

Class Changes

    For those that have been around a while, you will know that pre-Covid we were attempting to set up line dance "Hubs" in various areas of Adelaide with multiple levels of class in the same venue to enable smooth transitions between levels for customers. One of these was at Clarence Gardens. Just as we got set up, the venue decided to no longer hire out to outside groups, causing chaos in our plans. We moved the classes to Colonel Light Gardens, but the venues were not as convenient, nor as suitable for line dancing.
    We have now found a new home for those classes in a much more convenient location. They will be running at the Vermont Uniting Church, 576 Cross Road, South Plympton from 14 th of July 2022. It has a wooden floor, no echo, good air conditioning and ceiling fans, lots of off street parking. It is also very convenient for public transport.
This will be the following classes:
Monday Morning - Mainstream Level - 10.30 am-12.30 pm
Monday Afternoon - Easy Level - 1.00 pm-2.30 pm - NEW CLASS STARTING 5 th SEPT (or earlier if interest)
Thursday Morning - Crossover Level - 10.30 am-12.30 pm (No class 15 th Sept)
Thursday Afternoon - Transition Level - 1.00 pm-3.00 pm (No class 15 th Sept)

    The original Thursday morning class at CLG RSL will continue as is.
Our Venues
    Recently we have been asked to run some classes for a local council. After having run a handful of classes, we decided to discontinue our services due to the venue being unsuitable for line dancing. We had foolishly assumed that the coordinator knew enough about dancing to assess the practicalities of running dance classes. A lesson learned I'm afraid.
    There are many factors that we take into account when setting up a class, and the most important is providing "duty of care" to those that attend. We cannot in good conscience run a class on a dance surface that doesn't provide sufficient slip to move and sufficient grip to stay on your feet. In the current Covid-19 environment, we must have a venue of appropriate air volume and with reasonable ventilation to reduce the chance of spread of airborne afflictions. We are also mindful to provide a pricing structure that is compatible with the rest of our classes, so no-one thinks they are being ripped off.
We go to a lot of work making sure you, as customers, get the best and safest experience possible. That is why we are still in business nearly 30 Years after setting up our first class.
    Should you hear of any comments about our absence from those classes, please educate the source of the comments, about our reasoning behind the decision.

Our Instructors

    I thought I might explain what goes on behind the scenes to provide you the instructors that help you navigate the cascade of information you get when learning line dancing. It is interesting that line dancing, from a spectators perspective, looks really easy to do. Many people think that teaching it is also a simple exercise.
    Most of our instructors took on teaching as an apprenticeship under an experienced instructor (usually Liz or Peter, or both). It usually takes about 6 Months, and is only possible if the instructor candidate is already a good dancer and has the right attitude and personality. They need to be competently dancing at a level higher than they are being trained to teach.
    Most of the instructors attend regular in-house workshops to keep abreast of current issues in classes, latest line dancing trends and terminology, and to assess the new material for the forthcoming dance programmes. We all take our teaching seriously, so you can have the best experience possible, and learn the dances as efficiently as possible.
    The instructors are trained in terminology, sound equipment maintenance, voice projection, body mechanics and teaching techniques.     The new choreography dance sheets they use are highly developed to ensure compatibility with other previous dance choreography, and the levels of dance difficulty are finely managed to keep the material used at each level consistent and achievable. The sound equipment they use is the most appropriate for voice over dance teaching, including microphones and carefully adjusted music choices.
    It is a very rewarding job as an instructor, and it feels wonderful to take people from novice to experienced dancer over time.
What you experience in Line Dancers of South Australia classes is the absolute best, most professional presentation in the world. There is nothing else like it anywhere on the planet. Even if we do say so ourselves LOL.


    When you attend a social, you will be offered a request sheet for you to write down 5 dances that you would like on that sessions programme. We will endeavor to give you at least one of those dances throughout the course of the session. There are some limitations to what we will programme however.
    We have many classes of the same level, and some people attend more than one class. For that reason, we run a different programme for each level, for each day of the week. Over a 10 week period, the classes will all do the same material, but not necessarily in the same order or the same week. Your class may do a new dance this week, but another class on a different day may not do that new dance for 4 or 5 weeks. We will not programme a dance at a social that has not gone through the programme of all the classes of that level. So save the really really new dances for the subsequent social, or to request in your home class if there is time.
    Also keep in mind that if you ask for "off the wall" dances that haven't been done anywhere for a long time, you are less likely to get them programmed than dances that have more general appeal. If you ask for all Intermediate Level dances, be aware that we only do 4 or 5 during the whole social, so you probably should include at least a couple of slightly lower level dances that you also enjoy.


Here are the dates for the rest of the 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 24 th July - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm THIS SUNDAY
Sunday 28 th August - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm
Sunday 25 th September - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm
Sunday 6 th November - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm
Sunday 11 th December - 1.30 pm-5.00 pm ( XMAS Breakup Social )
    There are no limits to numbers any more, so tickets sold beforehand are not required. Just come along and give it a go. Cost is $ 15 and all socials this Year are held at the West Croydon RSL, Corner of Rosetta St and Herbert Rd. We will explore some Saturday dates next year as has been suggested by some dancers.
Meals are available from Noon as usual.


    We have decided to run a large function next Year for our clubs 30 th Birthday. It will be at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32 Rosa St, Goodwood on the 23 rd Sept 2023. The format will be decided later on, but it will be a combined afternoon and evening event similar to what we ran a few years ago before Covid-19 issues stuffed things up.
We also plan on having the Black T shirts available as we do every 5 Years. We will let you know costs etc when we get closer to the date.

These Newsletters

    I try to include items of relevance and interest in these newsletters. If you have a question about line dancing or our business, or even something obtusely related, send me an email and I will include the content in the next newsletter.

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