JUlY 2021 Newsletter

   Welcome to our seventh email newsletter for 2021 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
Short Term Class Shutdown
Online Classes - Facebook and Zoom
Regular Socials for 2021
Covid QR codes and Contact Tracing Rules
Optional Cashless Classes
Note our next planned social for 2021 is on Sunday 15 th August.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

    Due to the recent change of restrictions as specified from the South Australian government, we believe we should close our classes temporarily, till the restrictions ease. The official SA Health rules currently state the following:

South Australia is currently at Level 4 activity restrictions.

Level 4 restrictions

1 person per 4 square metres
Must take reasonable steps to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing
Contact tracing required (other than in-home health services)
Retail requires an approved contact tracing system
Masks (covering the mouth and nose) are required at all shared indoor spaces
No more COVID Management events
Fitness or recreation activities:
Indoor facilities closed
No team, club or contact sport
Personal care services not permitted
Gathering at residential premises or private activity up to 10 people permitted
Where food and beverages are being served:
Outdoor seated consumption only and patrons are not permitted to sit at a bar or service area
No communal food or beverage areas are permitted
Dancing is not permitted unless at a dance studio providing no alcohol is served; bridal parties can dance at a wedding
Singing is not permitted unless the person is performing
Shisha is not permitted. The business is permitted to operate for the onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages only providing they follow the requirements.
I interpret this to mean that we CAN run dance classes, provided everyone wears face masks and observe social distancing and contact tracing is done. However there is some ambiguity with the "recreational activities" clause to the point that I think we should take a cautious approach and close the classes till the ambiguity is clarified, or the restrictions ease.
    Therefore, all classes will close from and including tomorrow (Tuesday) morning 20 th July, until we inform you otherwise, or that your hear that level 4 restrictions have been eased.
    We will run our Facebook / online class on Wednesday should you wish to join us at 10 am.
    If you would like to Zoom the class, then you need to send me your email address linked to your Zoom account, so I can add you as a contact and include you in the class. I cannot do this on the day (it is too much messing around), so do it tomorrow or miss out. Otherwise do the Facebook thing like we did last shutdown.
    I could not send this out any earlier, as I had to clarify the situation before taking the drastic step of closing classes. I intend to SMS people that do not have email to get maximum notification.
Keep Safe,
Liz & Peter

Online Classes - Facebook and Zoom

    Due to the various stages of lock down being experienced throughout Australia and the world in general, we are continuing one online class. This is on Wednesday Mornings (10am to Noon Adelaide time) at a Mainstream level. We never really stopped this class, but just discontinued advertising it, so we could react to changing circumstances quicker.
    Last week we started with an additional offering format. In addition to the streaming of it using Facebook, we have the ability to stream it using Zoom at the same time (provided my internet is fast enough), giving the online community two options to get involved.
    Facebook is easier and quicker to use, but has its drawbacks. The music licensing robots tend to shut down the broadcast if I stop talking over the music for any length of time. There is also a 30 second delay from preparing the video and actual reception of the video, which makes interaction very disjointed and interaction is only text message based anyway.
    Zoom is a more private format, requiring the attendees to be invited into the class, rather than just dropping in unannounced. Once in however, they have the ability to get the broadcast in real time, and have the ability to verbally interact with the class, asking questions or seeking clarification. They can also interact with each other. There are no licensing issues, so no robots listening in. If you are wanting to be a part of this format, you need to have the Zoom app on your device, and you need to send me an email to classes@linedancersofsa.org asking to be included. This email address is your ticket in, making you an official "Contact". Once you send that email, I then invite you to be a contact. Then you have to accept the contact invitation before I can invite you to the actual zoom class. This is a bit of a saga, but worth it.
    Anyone who causes unnecessary disruption, will be removed from the list. Please remember it is normally an actual class with paying customers, so the online customers need to be respectful of the others involved.
    This technology is new to me, so no doubt there will be teething issues with the broadcast initially (I couldn't get the talking working last week, and then the laptop battery went flat LOL). To do longer than 45 minutes per broadcast (free license limitation), I will need to pay for a professional license ($200+ per year), which I may do if there is sufficient interest from paying customers. Otherwise, I can restart the Zoom broadcast each time there is a break (Facebook would be continuous unless the robots shut it down).

Regular Socials for 2021

    Socials are held at the West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL at 16 Rosetta St, on the corner of Herbert Rd. There is plenty of parking. We have the Urn and tea and coffee makings, so bring your own cup and any nibbles you want (not to share).
    The venue will be offering lunch meals prior to all socials, from 12 Noon. The menu is small (about 12 selections), but the food is good. It includes Schnitzels, Fish & Chips, Curry etc. Come along and support our venue.

The dates of this years remaining socials are:
Sun 4 th July - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 15 th August - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 19 th September - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 17 th October - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 7 th November - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 12 th December - 1.30-5.00 pm (Ticketed event to limit numbers).

Covid QR Codes and Contact Tracing Rules

    There have been some discussions in class recently about the rules for collection of information in class for contact tracing. Because of this discussion, I have contacted both SA Health and the SA Police to get a ruling on whether we are doing what is needed to avoid any fines for both us as a business, and you as customers.
    I am please to announce that the system we put in place right at the start is the gold medal of contact tracing documentation, and both organisations are very happy with what we are doing.
    The minimum requirements for contact tracing information are:
Name, phone number, optional email address, arrival time, optional departure time and security from misuse or illegal community access to that information.
    We have all this info, and it is verified (no Donald Ducks or Mickey Mouses) and typed, rather than hand written, so is easier to interpret by the contact tracers that may be in a hurry to use the info. It is also secure, and only comes out when a new person get added to the list, then put away again.
    This means that if you cannot use the QR code with your phone then you are still covered should we be audited.
    If you can QR code, I would encourage you to do so, as this aides the contact tracers to immediately get in touch with us, without having to do a face to face interview, saving time an resources should an outbreak affect us.
    On a related issue, the rules for customer density have changed recently due to the recent outbreaks Australia wide. This does not affect us in reality as we are already adhering to a much sparser distribution of customers than we are allowed anyway. This includes the socials.

Optional Cashless Classes

    In 2021, we will continue to offer a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card (Green Card) or a 5 class card (Red Card) which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefore a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
    You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.
    Details of our bank account are on our web site under "Online Payment" should you wish to pay that way, but please send me a message to say you have deposited the money, as I don't monitor it every day.

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