Newsletter January 2022

    Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022
    Hopefully we are all rested and recharged for the New Year ahead and we have had a wonderful Xmas break. Thanks to Johnathon for looking after the holiday program while we were away.
See below for information about:
Holiday Classes
New Hall to replace Clarence Gardens on Thursdays
Brand New Beginners Class at Marden
Upcoming Socials
Covid-19 Restrictions Update
2021 Thank you's
    All classes will have resumed by 31 st January, provided Liz and I don't have to isolate on our return from Victoria for some reason. We are not going to Melbourne, but staying in the remote Regional areas of Eastern Victoria to avoid any hot spots.
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Holiday Classes

     Details are:
    Colonel Light Gardens RSL Hall  4 Prince George Parade - Monday 10 am-Noon,    10 th, 17 th and 24 th of January
    West Croydon - RSL, Cnr Rosetta St & Herbert Road, Thursday 10 am-Noon,     13 th, 20 th and 27 th January
    These classes will have material from levels 3 to 5 as part of the programme. There will be a level 5 dance taught, but there will not be any requests for level 5 material allowed, so the class doesn't get too difficult for the newer dancers. There will not be any actual new choreography introduced, but will draw from our vast selection of classic dances gathered over the Years. Johnathon will be running both classes. Should inexperienced dancers attend, the level will be adjusted to accommodate them for some of the session if practical.

New Hall to Replace Clarence Gardens on Thursdays.

    It was a mad scramble to find a replacement hall at such short notice. Thanks to everyone that were scouring the areas for us. We also spent a whole Sunday driving around looking at churches etc.
    We have decided on and arranged the Colonel Light Gardens Institute, 53 West Parkway. It is way more expensive that we were paying, but we were getting desperate. If a better alternative is found, we will consider it sometime later this Year, but for now at least we have a home. If you know anyone that goes to either of the classes that do not have email, please let them know.

Brand New Beginners Class at Marden.

    It may not seem a great time to start a new class, but we are going to give it a go.We are starting a new class from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm at the Payneham Road Uniting Church, Corner of Payneham Rd & Portrush Rd, Marden, cost is $13 per session. If you know someone that would like to start line dancing and they feel hesitant to go alone, Liz would love you to bring them along and be an "Angel" to get them started. Angels don't have to pay while the class is getting established. The class starts on the 1 st February. Don't forget, double (or triple) vaxxed customers only please.


    Our final social for 2021 went off without a hitch. We used two adjacent dance spaces in different rooms, to allow us to have split floors, and to avoid overcrowding for the more popular dances. This concept was well received, especially by the people trying to avoid crowded environments. We will consider it again next Year if the halls are both available.
    We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 27 th February
Sunday 27 th March
Sunday 1 st May
Sunday 29 th May
Sunday 26 th June
Sunday 24 th July
Sunday 28 th August
Sunday 25 th September
Sunday 6 th November
Sunday 11 th December
    What we do about the Xmas breakup social will be determined later in the Year, when we are more confident in how things will operate in 2022. We do have the 5 th November booked at Goodwood for the large Saturday event, but are keeping a Sunday slot also available should we decide to again postpone a large event due to Covid-19 concerns.

Covid-19 Restrictions Update.

    There has been a positive side effect from our Double Vax mandate that we put in place. We have recently received updated Covid Safe Plans from the Government.
    These now specify different occupancy rates for class numbers depending on whether non vaxxed people are allowed to be present, and states we have the right to choose whether we want to have non vaxxed people or not. Were we to have non vaxxed people present, we could only have a half of the size class that we would otherwise be entitled.
    I wrote the previous paragraph 2 days before Xmas. As usual, things change rapidly. The previous relaxation of restrictions was cancelled half way through distribution. Fortunately, we are already set up for tight restrictions, so there are no changes. This is because we are classified as a dance school and have our own QR codes etc. Outside of dance schools, there are very tight restrictions on dancing in public spaces.

2021 Thank you's.

    We apologise to the instructors that we did not get them all up at the break up social to thank them for their work through the Year. With the split floors and the reduce social time etc it slipped our minds, but you are certainly very appreciated, by us and your students.
    We would also like to acknowledge and thank two other special people.
    Dave (our neighbour) has been very diligently interpreting our changes and updates to keep the web site he built, keeping it operational and as up to date as possible. We thank him so very much.
    Another behind the scene tireless worker is Ilona. She looks after all the names lists for the classes, interpreting some challenging handwriting and spellings to keep the wheels functioning and our Covid-19 tracing system operating smoothly and efficiently. Because of her work, we are covered even if you forget to QR code into a class. Thanks Ilona for your precious time and diligence.
    Lastly, I would like to thank Liz for putting up with my constant patter about levels, dances and lists (and everything else business related). She has been a wonderfully resilient partner through her bouts of Shingles, foot and back pains and tooth's LOL.

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