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Welcome to our first email newsletter for 2021 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
New class at West Croydon
Prospect classes and social venue changes
Findon class changes
Glenelg North Arvo Easy Class
Shirley's, Liz's and Patch's classes
Festival Season Classes
Covid QR codes
Mobile Phones in Class
New Beginner Terminology Manual
Optional Cashless Classes
Non Dance Social Functions

    Liz and I took the chance to visit our daughter Rachel and her fiancé in Melbourne twice over the break which was wonderful. We are now getting down to organising the classes for the New Year. There have been quite a few changes, so pay attention if you were dancing at Prospect or Findon classes especially.
    We hope you all had a wonderful, Covid-19 free and low stress holiday season, and will catch up with you very soon.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

New Class at West Croydon

    We have had a great working relationship over a number of years with an external class called "Happy Feet" run by Julie Thompson and ably assisted by Tali Button. Due to work commitments for Julie and having twins in a few weeks by Tali (and her partner), Julie reluctantly had to retire from teaching at the end of last Year. With her blessing, we are going to attempt to establish a replacement class run by Johnathon.
    It is being run on a Thursday evening from 7.30 pm-9.30 pm at the West Croydon & Kilkenny RSL, 19 Rosetta St, West Croydon (Corner of Herbert Rd). The level will be Transition, starting on the 28 th January and will cost $13. Julie is hoping to call in occasionally to keep in touch with her line dance passion, and we hope to see Tali sometime down the track after the arrival of her expanded family.
    If this class fits in with your location and schedule, go and give it a try.

Prospect Classes and Social Venue Changes

    As we mentioned last Year, the cost of the venue at Prospect has rocketed out of our price range. We are happy to announce that, due to our new West Croydon venue, we are going to relocate both our classes and our socials to that venue as well.
    We realise that, especially for Johnathon's Easy level class on Tuesdays that this is a bit further away for some of you, but the alternative was to close the class which would be a shame. If you live east of Prospect and Croydon is too far, you might like to consider the new class on a Monday night 7.30-9.30 pm at the Broadview Uniting Church, 61 Galway Ave, starting on the 1 st Feb.
    For the classes and socials the arrangements are the same times etc, just the location has changed. The first social will be on the 28 th Feb 1.30-5 pm.

Findon Class Changes

    Just a reminder that Narelle's Monday morning class at Findon has permanently moved to the Seaton Uniting Church on Squires Ave. This has happened because the Findon venue has insisted that we move large tables that are left by other people before we can commence class. We do not think this is reasonable as other groups were leaving the tables out.

Glenelg North Wed Arvo Easy Class

    Due to this class having very low numbers at the end of 2020, we are not going to reopen the class until March 2021. If you are intending to attend that class, please let us know so we can determine the viability of the class and resume at an appropriate time.

Shirley's, Patch's and Liz's classes

    For those not aware, Shirley's husband Bob has had recent surgery for a hip replacement. The surgery has gone well, but there are some underlying health issues that, when he returns home will require close attention by Shirley. Shirley has been able to arrange family to look after him, so she can do her Easy and Mainstream classes, but not the Intermediate class. In order to keep the class running while she gets sorted out, I (Peter) will be running that class while Robyn does my Windsor Gardens Crossover class. It is a long way for me to travel, so I would appreciate your understanding and support.
    Patch and her husband Peter are hopefully going to enjoy a Queensland holiday, including the first week of February (the holiday has been postponed 4 times now due to Covid-19 border closures). I will be also filling in for Patch for her Monday and Thursday evening classes (provided it is not postponed again). Her Tuesday Transition class will start a week later than advertised to accommodate this.
    Liz is finally almost recovered from her bout of Shingles. She intends to run all of her regular classes starting in February, apart form the Tuesday night Intermediate class which I (Peter) will continue filling in for till she feels up to it (yes I am going to be a busy boy LOL).

Festival Season classes

    Thanks very much to Johnathon for running the Festival Season classes over the January holiday break. Most of them were well supported, though the Easy level classes at Prospect were not attended as much as the others.
    Thanks to those of you that supported the classes and we will endeavor to do similar next Year.

Covid QR Codes

    We have had our Covid-Safe Info updated recently with QR Codes. These are large black and white rectangles with data built into them that can be scanned by your smart phones to "check in" to any locations you attend.
    If you don't have a smart phone, or cannot use the app for whatever reason, do not be concerned. We are obliged by law to display these codes, but we continue to update our internal contact tracing data, so you are covered anyway if you don't use it. It is effectively an additional layer of information, and you will need to be QR literate if you go to cafe's etc anyway, so you may like to practice using them in a low stress environment at the end of class. I suspect they will be a fact of life for many months to come, till effective vaccines are available and widely distributed.

Mobile Phones In Class

    After a number of incidents in class recently, I am obliged to remind you all about mobile phone etiquette. I know there are some special circumstances that require you to keep your phone "live" while in class. Most people, if they are waiting for a special call from a husband in hospital, or medical results etc, let the instructor know that the call may come in, and adjust their position near the door accordingly for a quick exit. These rare occasions are easily accommodated and minimally disruptive.
    Many of us attend class to escape the realities of the real World for a couple of hours. While concentrating on achieving the latest choreographic marvels, our brains force out the thoughts about the problems of life, health and family issues.
    The last thing the instructor or the dancers need is a shrill, piercing phone ring tone going off in someone's bag, right in the middle of a teach. Everyone understands being forgetful, and many probably meant to turn the phone to vibrate but forgot.
    However when someone answers the phone, during a teach and then proceeds to walk through the class while talking to someone, or doesn't even try to leave the class and takes the call in the room, that is just rude and disrespectful to the others around them as well as the instructor.
    Phones have mute buttons and vibrate modes. Phones are small enough to fit in pockets or even bras. Please be considerate of others and your teacher and keep the phone related distractions for after class.

New Beginner Terminology Manual

    I took the opportunity during the second Covid lock-down to finalise a project 25 Years in the making. We now have our first beginners terminology manual. It covers levels 1, 2 and 3, which is the majority of the lifestyle and easy level classes. The cost is $13 and they are available at the socials and from your instructors. Inside there is a checklist for you to mark off the movements as you learn them, and a description to reinforce your experiences in class.
    The next manuals will be available in the New Year as I get the chance to produce them. Thanks to my proof readers, especially Illona who created much food for thought LOL.

Optional Cashless Classes

    In 2021, we will continue to offer a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card (Green Card) or a 5 class card (Red Card) which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefore a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
    You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.
    Details of our bank account are on our web site under "Online Payment" should you wish to pay that way.

Non Dance Social Functions

    In adopting our new home at West Croydon for our socials, we also have the opportunity to support functions that are run by the RSL. They are having a concert by the party show band "Chunky Custard" who have been performing cover music for 30 Years. It is on Saturday 27 th March and tickets are $25 per person.
I have reserved 2 table of 10 people each (we already have 5), so if you would like to go please let us know urgently to reserve your spot. Apparently it is already 50% sold (before we booked).