Welcome to our seventh email newsletter for 2020 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
Why we need Covid-19 Restrictions
Resumption of Classes
Optional Cashless Classes
LDSA Online Classes
Paying Bills Online
Overseas Travel
    We hope you are keeping safe, well and entertained through these difficult times.
    We look forward to catching up again real soon,
    Thanks,Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Why We Need Covid-19 Restrictions

    We are about to reopen classes. We are still in a pandemic world. Melbourne is struggling with a population that has not taken the pandemic seriously, and they are set to lose the gains they made before reopening too soon.
    We are lucky here in South Australia that we have no cases, but they will come sometime. The procedures being put in place are to restrict the spread when it sneaks up on us, and to enable fast contact tracing to catch those infected before they can pass it on to too many others.
    There is no point putting your lives on hold waiting for the vaccine/cure. It may not come. There is however a point to making sure we are ready when we need to be. We should enjoy our lives but be as reasonably safe as is practical in the process. Please come to class expecting some changes to the way we conduct ourselves and cooperate with your instructor, if they ask you to do something, with the minimum of fuss.
    We are putting in place procedures to make class as easy as possible for both you, the instructors and Liz and I as the operators of the business, but still adhering to our legal and moral obligations to providing a safe and enjoyable past-time.

Resumption of Classes

    We have set the date to resume classes. Most of our classes will reopen on the week of the 6th July. Some classes may not reopen that week however. North Ingle Farm School is having their floor resurfaced so wont be available for the first 2 weeks. Murray Bridge also wont be operating for the first couple of weeks. At this point in time, some other halls may not available due to the churches being overly cautious for their constituents. At this stage the rest of the classes will reopen as they were before Covid-19. I will clarify any exceptions in a follow up newsletter just before the resumptions.
    I will however state now, that we do not have the funds to support un-financial classes for more than a week or so. If any class is not supported almost immediately, it may not survive to ever reopen again. So if you are in contact with any dancers that do not receive the newsletter, please contact them and motivate them into returning ASAP.
    There will be a number of things we have to comply with to avoid being fined or shut down. These are mandatory requirements and you will be expected to do your bit in making sure we are all safe.

What is expected of you.........

    Do not attend class if you feel a cough or cold coming on. If you get any symptoms of Covid-19 please see a medical expert and get tested, just to be on the safe side.
    Should you feel the need to cough or sneeze, please do it into your elbow to avoid spreading any germs and to keep others feeling safe.
    Do not intimidate or criticise anyone who feels the need to wear a face mask. Some people may need that added level of security for their peace of mind.
    Do not congregate in groups in car parks prior to the class, nor after it.
    When entering class please keep your 1.5m distance from other dancers and try to avoid going in and out multiple times. Come in and stay in, at least till the rest of the dancers have arrived.
    Please bring exact change, or be prepared to purchase a multi-pass with correct change, or you will be expected to get your own change from a communal container.
    You will be expected to review your contact information and correct it if it is wrong. You are then required to sign it, to confirm it is correct. This will be required every 10 weeks, or until the restrictions are lifted completely. If you do not fill this in and sign it, you will not be allowed to attend the class.
    Please bring your own hand sanitiser and hand towels for drying your hands should you need to wash them. This will also be necessary when you wipe down your chair before using/touching it. Most venues should have sanitiser available, but we cannot afford to provide lots of sanitiser and towels without raising our prices, which we want to avoid (we are also having difficulty purchasing enough for all our classes).     There is already a lot of costs involved in the additional paperwork etc that we will have to do to commence classes as it is.
    Avoid the usual kissing and hugging that we all crave for, we are going to have to be seen to be social distancing. Just do elbow bumps for now please.
    Keep your distancing both on the dance floor and while sitting down in the breaks.
    Pace your toilet trips with others to reduce congestion in the toilets. Do not assume the toilets have been sanitised, so take what you need to ensure your safety.
    When you get your own chair out be sure to wipe it down beforehand. Put your own chairs away at the end of class, do not expect others to do it for you.
    We encourage you to download the Covid-Safe App on your phone (assuming you have a phone that is modern enough) to give an added level of safety. No matter what issues you have with privacy, you are protecting both you and your fellow dancers lives.
    Do not ask for the fans to be used. They can spread droplets and will be avoided. Instead open a window if possible. Air conditioners should only be used if there is no natural ventilation possible.
    Thanks for your cooperation in making it a safe environment for everyone to enjoy and feel comfortable.

Optional Cashless Classes

    We are going to experiment with a "cashless" alternative to our classes, for those that want to avoid handling of money. This will involve a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefor a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
    You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.

LDSA Online Classes

    The online classes have now been going for over 12 weeks. For those that have availed themselves of them, they have been a link to others in their classes and around the state. We have had a number of interstate and overseas dancers also participating which has been wonderful.
    We intend to retain an online live class presence, even after the Covid-10 restrictions have been lifted. This will enable people who cant get to a class due to location or outside commitments will still have the opportunity to benefit from our classes.
    We will be charging for those classes once restrictions are lifted in fairness to the people that pay to attend classes in the "real world". How we do that is still being worked out.
    In the mean time, the link to the current Covid-19 era classes is:
    We are currently running them with the following schedule:
    Mondays 11 am -> Noon - Easy Level (4 dances)
    Wednesdays 11 am -> Noon - Transition Level (4 dances)
    Fridays 11 am -> Noon - Mainstream Level (4 dances)

    When restrictions are lifted, there will be a different schedule and format which we will announce in the July newsletter.

Paying Bills and Transferring Money Online

    Once you have developed an online presence, there are options to handle your financial transactions online as well. This is very important during this period of self isolation, considering we do not know how long it may go on for. There are two main ways to transfer money online.
1. Online Banking Apps (Application/Program/Computer thingy)
Each Bank has an "app" that you can download to your smart phone. Once you have gone through the password verification parts of setting this up, you can then use it to transfer money wherever you want. To do this, you need three pieces of information from the destination: Name, BSB and Account Number.
The Name is the name of the person/business you want to send the funds to.
The BSB is like the financial postcode of the destination bank / financial institution.
    The account number is like the address you want the money posted to.
    It is generally not a good idea to give these details to anyone or any organisation that you do not trust. Often your bank may charge transaction fees for online transactions, so check this out with your bank.
2. PayPal
    PayPal is a money transfer system set up by EBay, which is an online auction house where people can buy and sell things. PayPal is an online account that you can easily set up, which allows you to transfer money in and out of a designated bank account or credit card via an email address. This can also be done via an "app" that you can download on your phone, or access via the link www.paypal.com.au on your computer.
    PayPal is generally considered more secure when dealing with businesses on the internet, but the people receiving your money pay a small percentage of their money to PayPal as well as a 30 cent transaction fee, so small transactions are discouraged, as very little of the amount actually gets to the vendor.

Overseas Travel
    It seems that overseas travel is not likely to be on the agenda for possibly a couple of years. Australia and New Zealand seem to have the virus under control, but the USA etc definitely do not. For this reason, I suspect that the Australian government is unlikely to lift travel restrictions to anywhere but New Zealand till next year at the earliest.
    We have decided to cancel our cruise from Hawaii and will be endeavoring to get whatever refunds are possible for our travelers. Please be patient, as we are waiting for an "official" cancellation from the cruise line.

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