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    Welcome to our second email newsletter for 2021 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information about:
Socials for 2021
Class Evaluations for 2021
Dance Class Merchandise
Online shopping and PayPal
Covid QR codes
New Beginner Terminology Manual
Optional Cashless Classes
All classes are now operational, and our first social for 2021 is this weekend at the new venue.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Socials for 2021

    As mentioned, our first social is this Sunday at our new venue. It is at the West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL at 16 Rosetta St, on the corner of Herbert Rd. There is plenty of parking. We will be having the Urn and tea and coffee makings, so bring your own cup and any nibbles you want (not to share). We were asked if we wanted the bar open (there is one there), and we said not unless it was already going to be open, as we don't want them to have a staff member on, being paid, and not getting any turnover at the bar to pay for it. If you like the idea of a bar, let us know. The venue also does meals on Thursdays and Fridays and could be willing to do Sundays if there were enough people interested. You can look at the menu this week, and then consider it for further socials.
The dates of this years socials are:

Sun 28 th February - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 28 th March - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sat 8 th May - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 30 th May - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 4 th July - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 15 th August - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 19 th September - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 17 th October - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sat 6 th November - Times TBA
Sat 11 th December - 12.30-4.00 pm
    Please note the early May and December dates are on a Saturday, as the hall was unavailable on the Sunday. Also note that the December time is different as well. The November Social is to be at the Goodwood Community Centre, but we will evaluate the viability of a large social (200+ people) closer to the date. If not, then we have a tentative booking for the Sunday 7th Nov at our regular venue.

Class Evaluations for 2021

    Within the next month, we will be evaluating the viability of each of the classes. We do this each Year, as the interest in levels, areas and time slots change over time. Not all classes we start are successful, so we need to ensure that the instructors are utilised where the customers want them. If you have been considering returning to a class in the near future, but have been putting it off for some reason, I suggest you get it together to ensure that the class is there when you return.
    It is also this time of Year we look at any new opportunities for establishing a new class. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Dance Class Merchandise

    We have received a new shipment of our green polo shirts with the missing sizes, so if you have been waiting for one, they are available now.
    Johnathon has also had a delivery of the shoe socks to enable people to reduce the grip on sticky floors. If you have been waiting for these, see him at the social, or ask your instructor to bring some to class.
    We still have good supplies of the ladies black and green blouses available as well.
    There is also a few copies of the 20 dance beginners booklet ($10), as well as the beginners terminology manual ($13) and Peter's book "Line Dance Essentials" ($25).


    With the advent of Covid-19 lock downs and working from home, many people have been forced to adjust to using online shopping to get their weekly requirements. Liz and I have been doing online purchasing for years mainly through EBay. However there is an increased number of disreputable suppliers out there, attracted by the larger number of uneducated online shoppers.
    We have recently been stung twice by different suppliers using similar methods.
    To use online shopping you need a vehicle to transfer the money for the goods. This could be a credit card (but then you are giving your credit card info to an unknown person), or a hopefully reputable fund transfer company such as PayPal (which is owned by EBay).
    We use PayPal and have done for many years, and assumed it gave similar "insurance" cover as a credit card, so if there was an issue we had recourse to get a refund should there be an issue.
    We have recently found this is definitely not the case. They do have a dispute claim system built in, but it is automated and the disreputable suppliers know how to easily get around it.
    Basically, as long as the supplier supplies something and has a tracking number from a postal service, then the onus is on the receiver to prove that what was supplied was not what was asked for, and to return it (at their cost) to the supplier to be dealt with (if you can even find a legible return address).
    If you are going to buy something online, do the following:
    Only use reputable online sources for suppliers (not Facebook or Twitter based, EBay seems to be much better at vetting suppliers)
    Google the supplier to see if they are a scam (don't just check their own web site, as they will obviously say they are fabulous, find a comparison feedback web site)
    Check the ratings of the supplier and their feedback
    Take a screenshot of the item and its advertising
    Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam.
    Having been successful shoppers over many years, we had become complacent, and did not follow any of these things, twice on the same day.
    Both times we bought from suppliers whose ads appeared on Facebook.
    We bought a "Rotating Ceramic Hair Straightener" and got delivered a cheap plastic straightener with a USA plug on it.
    We bought an exercise Treadmill (for $50, yes I know, too good to be true) and got delivered a small gold ring as a "sorry to keep you waiting" gift.
    In both cases, because something actually got delivered and tracked, PayPal did not allow us to get a refund. Our disputes were dropped automatically, as we were not willing to pay the postage to send the items back to the probably fictitious return address written in Chinese, and wouldn't go to the police to lodge a report (they would say we are wasting their time for $50).
You have been warned.....

Covid QR Codes

    We have had our Covid-Safe Info updated recently with QR Codes. These are large black and white rectangles with data built into them that can be scanned by your smart phones to "check in" to any locations you attend.
    If you don't have a smart phone, or cannot use the app for whatever reason, do not be concerned. It appears that many older phones do not cope with the checking in software very well anyway (you should try the Victorian app, it was worse for us on our newish iPhones).
    We are obliged by law to display these codes, but we continue to update our internal contact tracing data, so you are covered anyway if you don't use it. It is effectively an additional layer of information, and you will need to be QR literate if you go to cafe's etc anyway, so you may like to practice using them in a low stress environment at the end of class. I suspect they will be a fact of life for many months to come, till effective vaccines are available and widely distributed.

New Beginner Terminology Manual

    I took the opportunity during the second Covid lock-down to finalise a project 25 Years in the making. We now have our first beginners terminology manual. It covers levels 1, 2 and 3, which is the majority of the lifestyle and easy level classes. The cost is $13 and they are available at the socials and from your instructors. Inside there is a checklist for you to mark off the movements as you learn them, and a description to reinforce your experiences in class.
    The next manuals will be available in the New Year as I get the chance to produce them. Thanks to my proof readers, especially Illona who created much food for thought LOL.

Optional Cashless Classes

    In 2021, we will continue to offer a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card (Green Card) or a 5 class card (Red Card) which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefor a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
    You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.
    Details of our bank account are on our web site under "Online Payment" should you wish to pay that way, but please send me a message to say you have deposited the money, as I don't monitor it every day.