Welcome to our last newsletter for 2022,
Summer is here we hope.
Our final social is on Sunday 11 th December, hopefully we will see a lot of you there.
Class reopening dates for 2023 are available on our web site, or on flyers available from your instructors.
Information below on:
More Line Dance Publicity
Welcome to Kadina
Xmas Social
Class Break Up Meal Protocols
    Thank you all for your support over the Year. It has been a difficult one (especially for Johnathon) and we all look forward to a wonderful holiday break, resuming in February all recharged and enthused. Merry Xmas and have a wonderful New Year. We will be spending some of it in Melbourne with our new Grandson (who now has 2 teeth and is crawling (and climbing) like a professional at 7 months old).
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

More Line Dance Publicity

    Following on from the ABC Catalyst dancing program mentioned in the last newsletter, here is an article from the Advertiser which also mentions Line Dancing. It is a shame we get the publicity just as we are shutting down for Xmas.

    We have a new member of the Line Dances of South Australia family. A new instructor Tina has run her first class in Kadina last week. It is on Tuesday mornings from 10.30 to Noon for Beginners at the Wesley Uniting Church. Her first session had 17 very enthusiastic participants and there as still more that couldn't make the first session and plan to join over the next few weeks. We wish her every success. If any of you are traveling that way over the silly season, I gather she is not breaking for very long over Xmas, so think about calling in, the locals are very welcoming.


    Our last social for 2022 is this coming Sunday from 1.30 until 5npm. We have decided to pre-programme it this time to enable better planning of split floors and levels, so there will not be request sheets at the door. We have access to the back hall as well, and will have a sound system out there with an independent microphone. We will be using this extra hall for additional dances when there can be 2 dances to the same song, and as overflow for the other dances being done in the main hall should the floor become to crowded for some peoples comfort.
    Please don't try to enter the hall before Noon. We need time to decorate please.
Meals are available from noon, with a special menu. Prices are as follows:
Roast Turkey and Ham $ 25
Fish and Chips $ 16
Chicken Schnitzel and Chips $ 16
Pavlova $ 7
Xmas Pudding $ 7

    Ivy would appreciate pre-ordering if possible, so she can ensure sufficient meals are available. You can do this by email to:, or messaging 0434584094. When you do so, mention line dancing and your name please, so she can have it sorted by the day (and so it isn't confused with other function orders). There will be some meals available for people that do not pre-order, but they may not be what you were wanting depending on popularity.


    Since Covid-19 hit, for break up celebrations we have discouraged shared meals and opted for restaurant / pub meals or skipping the idea altogether. If your class is planning shared meals now (as two of mine are), I would like to suggest some protocols to keep us safe and healthy. Covid-19 is still a thing, as well as all sorts of other viruses and bugs that are running around at the moment, and no-one wants their Xmas season stuffed up with getting sick with something preventable.
Please bring with you the following items to reduce the possibility of transmission of Covid-19 or other ailments that may be transferred by shared food / implements.
Cup for Tea or Coffee if you want it
Plate for you to eat off
Cutlery for you to eat with
Tongs to select your food without touching other peoples food (not to be left with shared food, your use only)
Face Mask to be worn while gathering over and around the food
If the food you are providing for sharing needs to be cut, please cut it before placing it on the share table, to reduce double handling of utensils.
I don't want to appear as a "Grinch" but we have not had any outbreaks of Covid-19 in any of our classes, so I'd like to keep it that way please.

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