Newsletter December 2021
    Welcome to our last newsletter for 2021
    I am sort of going to be happy to see the end of this Year. I thought 2020 was a difficult Year, but this one just blew it away. Let us hope for a calmer more stable Year next Year. Surely we deserve that.
    Anyway, thank you all for your support and we wish you all a merry, relaxing and fruitful holiday season. Come February, we will all be recharged and enthused for another Year of laughter, fun and friendship. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
See below for information about:
LDSA Class Changes for 2022
Holiday Class Programme Update
Upcoming Socials
Covid-19 Vaccination Fallout
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

LDSA Class Changes for 2022

    I thought we were done for changes to our classes and prepared a flyer a couple of weeks ago for distribution. However the gods of change have thrown one last curve ball at me to keep me on my toes.
    Our venue at Clarence Gardens (you know, the one we were setting up as a hub with 4 classes and the holiday classes, yeah that one) has decided that they are no longer wanting to support community activities, but instead support church "outreach and mission" activities. In order to discourage us and other groups that have been in that hall for over a decade, they have quadrupled the rent as of 1st January 2022. Needless to say, we are not happy, but it is their hall and they make the rules.
    So we are in the process of relocating the classes and the holiday classes as well.
    The 2 Monday classes will be moving to the RSL at Colonel Light Gardens.
    The Holiday Programme classes will be run in a venue we have been using at Pasadena.
    The 2 Thursday classes still do not have a home yet, but we will sort that out before the new year starts.
    I realise this is a bit of a shift in location and will be disruptive, but we have very little time to react and very few choices that are suitable.

Holiday Class Programme Update

    Over the last few Years, we have been offering line dance classes over the Xmas break for the addicted devotees, or those wanting some social contact and exercise during the long break.
    In the past we offered 2 classes North and 2 classes South, with one being Easy Level and the other Transition Level. Though the concept was successful overall, we found out that many people were using those classes as an opportunity to explore the next level up rather than the level they currently danced. Therefore the Transition class was well supported, but the beginner class was not as successful.
    So this Xmas break we have decided to run them slightly differently. We will only be offering one class North (West Croydon - RSL) and one class South (Pasadena - Trinity Lutheran Church).
    Pasadena - Trinity Lutheran Church, 2 Grandview Drive - Monday 10 am-Noon, 3 rd (yes public holiday), 10 th, 17 th and 24 th of January
    West Croydon - RSL, Cnr Rosetta St & Herbert Road, Thursday 10 am-Noon, 6 th, 13 th, 20 th and 27 th January
    These classes will have material from levels 3 to 5 as part of the programme. There will be a level 5 dance taught, but there will not be any requests for level 5 material allowed, so the class doesn't get too difficult for the newer dancers. There will not be any actual new choreography introduced, but will draw from our vast selection of classic dances gathered over the Years. Johnathon will be running both classes. Should inexperienced dancers attend, the level will be adjusted to accommodate them for some of the session if practical.


The date for the last social for 2021 is:
            Sunday 12th December
    This December Xmas social is a ticketed social to ensure we do not get too crowded and non Covid-19 compliant. There are about 20 tickets left for that social, so be quick to snap them up. We will have access to the back hall as well, so can have a split floor with separate microphones to make the walk through's more audible.
    Bring you own nibbles (not to share). Non alcoholic drinks, chips and chocolates are available from the bar as well as the standard free tea and coffee (bring your own cup). There are no specific tables, so be tolerant of others needing somewhere to sit. It is Xmas after all.
    Meals are available from 12 Noon, and in addition, there are take away frozen meals available for $8 each which are delicious.
    Ivy has put together a special Xmas menu for $27 per person. There is the option of the standard menu, but only if you pre-order by Thursday Night so they have the chance to get in sufficient ingredients without wastage.
    Ideally if you know what you are going to order, please send your order to me at so I can collate the orders and pass them on to Ivy on Thursday night.

Covid-19 Vaccination Fallout

    I expected the decision I made to only accept double vaccinated customer would have some impact, and I wasn't disappointed. I had a very large flow of support from the majority of our customers, many saying that if we hadn't made the decision, they were planning on removing themselves from the potentially hazardous environment. Some even passed on information about friends and relatives that have had Covid-19, and the long term effects on their loved ones from long Covid.
    I also received a hand-full of responses that were far less supportive. The words belligerent, lecture, discrimination, human rights commission, undemocratic, appalling and silly all appeared in various contexts. A number of "conspiracy theories" and "alternative facts that are not being reported in the mainstream media", along with all sorts of magical facts and figures have been spouted to support their stances. I have been accused of "insisting people undertake a medical procedure". Some don't even believe that Covid exists, or they think that the vaccines have no positive effect at all.
    I am not forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do. What people do with their own bodies is their choice. I could get on my soap box and really let fly, like some of these people have, but I simply want to protect the majority of the customers, our family, our friends and our business to the best of my ability. This is the only way I can see that I can do this. Interestingly, the day after I announced the decision, Adelaide Oval, the Zoo, Monarto Zoo, the Festival Centre, Entertainment Centre etc etc all did the same thing. Not exactly a radical or even controversial decision it seems.
    A saying passed on by one of my dancers put the situation into context very succinctly: "It is better to put a fence at the top of a cliff, than put an ambulance at the bottom" (thanks Sandra).

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