Welcome to our fifth email newsletter for 2019 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses.
Further below is information about:
New Classes
Holiday Closures Updated
Christmas Dance!
2019 Social Schedule
2020 LDSA Overseas Tour - Hawaii / Tahiti / NZ Cruise
Social Media and Advertising
Our N.T. Caravan Adventure
Hot and Cold People
Ongoing Dance Level Discussions
Future OS travel Opportunities
Thanks Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

New Classes
Unfortunately the night time class at Seaton on a Tuesday night did not attract sufficient students to continue, so the Wednesday night at Seaton is still the only night class for new people in the western suburbs.
The Elizabeth class is continuing well. Due to Narelle's fall and subsequent injury, Robyn looked after the class for the first 6 weeks. The class has survived its trial period and is doing well, and Narelle is now up and running again and has taken it over. Thanks Robyn for your assistance with the class.
We would also like to welcome a new retirement village to our line dancing family. Welcome to Hillsview at Happy Valley.

In August when we are running our PNG cruise, we are faced with a rare situation. Not only do we have 58 travellers going with us, but the majority of our instructors have taken the opportunity to go on the cruise as well. This leaves us with only a couple of metropolitan instructors to carry the load, and even most of the country classes wont have an instructor.
There are a few changes from last month, so check carefully....
If your class is affected, please consider going to an alternative class in the interim to get your fix (maybe car pool with a few of your fellow dancers). Details of the remaining classes are on the web at

The following classes will be closed for the given dates:

Elizabeth Thur 7.30pm        Lifestyle      Aug 15, 22
Fullarton Mon 6pm             Lifestyle      Aug 19
Glenelg North Wed 1.30pm   Lifestyle      Aug 14, 21
Glengowrie Wed 4.30pm       Lifestyle      Aug 14, 21
Ingle Farm Fri 7.30pm        Mainstream   Aug 16, 23
Marden Thurs 10am           Transition     Aug 15, 22
Marden Tues 10am            Transition     Aug 13, 20
McLaren Vale Thurs 2.30pm  Lifestyle      Aug 15, 22
Osborne Thurs 10am          Transition     Aug 16, 23
Parafield Mon 1.30pm         Intermediate Aug 19
Parafield Wed 10am           Mainstream   Aug 14, 21
Port Lincoln                     Various       Aug 13-23 rd
Victor Harbor/Goolwa          Various       Aug 13-23 rd
Warooka Wed 1pm             Various       Aug 14, 21
Windsor Gardens Fri 10am    Mainstream   Aug 16, 23
Woodcroft Tues 12pm         Lifestyle      Aug 13, 20

Christmas Dance!
We will be holding our big Xmas dance on 2 nd November from 2pm till 9pm at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32 Rosa St, Goodwood. There is ample off street parking there.
It will be of similar structure to our 25th Birthday social that was so successful last year. Tickets will be pre-sold, as there will be a catered dinner included in the price.
We have a group of line dance guests joining us from Sydney. They are on a tour of South Australia, and this will be their final night before returning home, so we hope to give them a great send off.
Tickets are available for $35 till 16th September as an early-bird price, after which time they will be $40. Tickets will only be available till 25th October, as we need to fix the numbers for catering and table layout/decoration purposes. Spectators are welcome, but will still be charged full price.
Seating will be at tables of 6, and a max of 2 tables can be pushed together to make tables of 12, due to space restrictions. Your ticket number is not indicative of your seating arrangements. These are done by the instructor that you purchase the ticket from. There are no "non food" tickets available.
There will be fruit smoothies available for $7 and a limited selection of cans of drink for $2.
Your ticket includes a 7 hour social, 2 course dinner, nibbles throughout the day, lolly bar for a sugar fix, tea, coffee and water.

2019 Social Schedule
Confirmed dates for the rest of the 2019 Sunday Socials at the 7th Day Adventist Hall, Ballville St, Prospect 1.30pm-5pm are: 29th September and 1st December. Unfortunately the original advertised September and December dates were unavailable because of church commitments, so we have moved them to later in September and earlier in December rather than cancelling. We are exploring alternative venues for next year due to the difficulties we have had this year with the current venue, however finding a suitable hall we can afford on weekends is proving difficult.

2020 LDSA Overseas Tour
Hawaii/Tahiti/NZ Cruise
We have organised a "relocation" cruise from approx 23rd Sept to 17th Oct 2020. It will be on the "very big" Ovation of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. We will be flying to Hawaii, where we will stay in a hotel for 2 days while we tour Oahu, including an evening Luau and day visit to Pearl Harbour. From there we will board the cruise ship heading towards Tahiti. We have 3 days in French Polynesia and after more cruise days, 3 days in New Zealand (Picton, Wellington & Napier) before docking in Sydney and flying home. We deliberately chose the larger ship so that we had more choice of dining and entertainment options over the trip.
We have been fortunate enough to have a number of Balcony cabins held for us for the all inclusive price of $7000 twin share (cheaper for three or four share). This price includes airfares, accommodation and touring in Hawaii and the 21 day cruise. Drinks packages, port of call touring, insurance and spending money are not included. We require a $300 per person deposit to secure your cabin.
If you want an Oceanview or Internal cabin, we can quote you for this, but it may be that they are actually more expensive than the group price for the Balconies that we have secured, depending on what "specials" are available at the time that you inquire.
There will be line dance classes each "sea day", but it is not really a line dance cruise as such, so non dancers are easily accommodated and very welcome. Interstate and even overseas dancers/friends can join us as well should they wish to.
We have not as yet determined who we will be flying with, or where in Hawaii we will stay, as flight schedules are not available this far in advance. That is why we are leaving the day of departure a bit flexible to accommodate whatever options are available at the time.
If you want an itinerary, either ask your instructor or contact the office.

Social Media and Advertising
We have been approached by a reporter who wants to put together an article featuring line dancing for seniors in the lifestyle magazine in the Sunday Mail. A photographer and reporter came out to our class at Clarence Gardens and did some interviewing. The article will be in the Lifestyle Magazine pull out of the Sunday Mail on 25th August. We look forward to reading it.
We put an advert in the Advertiser newspaper recently to promote our new classes at Seaton and Elizabeth, but found it had no effect, and nor did the online advert that was included in the cost. An expensive lesson learned. It seems that the targeting advertising we do is more effective. The boosted facebook adverts worked to a small degree, so that is something to consider in the future.
We have a Facebook page, and would appreciate any of you that are on Facebook to "like" and "share" our page, to maximise our exposure. This should help to continue to build the classes up so they can continue into the foreseeable future.
We have always found that "word of mouth" is still the best advertising we can get, in order to break the "Yee Haa" preconceptions that the uninitiated seem to have about our wonderful past-time. So spread the word.

Our N.T. Caravan Adventure
As many of you know, Liz and I took the caravan to the Northern Territory for a few weeks last month. It turned out to be more of an adventure than we expected. Let's just say that if you are doing any remote caravaning, we highly recommend upgrading your RAA membership to the top Premium level. This is not Gold, Silver Bronze etc which is purely years of service based. It costs more, but it is very well worth it. The number of horror stories we heard from fellow travellers being stuck in remote places waiting for weeks on parts for cars and caravans was unbelievable. We broke down in Katherine with a fatal issue in the car gearbox. No-one would even look at it for 2 weeks, and that was in a big town. Even Alice Springs is 25 mechanics short without the extra tourist load.
The RAA flew us home from Darwin and had the car brought back on a truck. They also arranged for the caravan to come back as well at mostly our expense, but they did contribute $500 towards it, so no complaints there.
Unfortunately the issues didn't quite stop there. Caravans are designed to travel forwards at speed, but the trucking company stuck the van on the back of a truck and then effectively towed it backwards, causing damage to the skylights. Another lesson learned by all involved. At lest we are safely home with memorable stories to tell, and plenty of advice should anyone want to listen.
Before leaving we installed an Alko ESC (electronic stabilisation control) to the caravan. It was fabulous and controls the "waggle" of the caravan when being passed by large objects like road trains etc. Considering what we saw on the side of the road, and on TV since, it is very worthy of the expense and very effective.

Hot and Cold People
This is a topic that probably causes the most grief in class. The majority of our dancers are seniors and female. Therefor menopause and the side effects caused by it are prevalent among our dancers. One of those issues are internal temperature variations due to hormone imbalances etc. This causes some people to be very heat sensitive, while others are very cold sensitive. This is a difficult mix to deal with especially in an exercise related past-time. Some people want the heaters on, while others in the same class want the fans on. Obviously it is impossible to cater for both requirements in the same class.
Our policy goes something like this:

People that are too cold can put extra clothes on. Bring scarves, gloves, jumpers, jackets etc. You are the lucky ones that can do something about it.
People that are too hot can rarely do anything about it. It appears that getting naked isn't socially acceptable LOL, so the best we can do is keep the classes on the cooler rather than the hotter side to try to accommodate the "hotties".
Please be understanding with your fellow dancers. You never know when your own internal temperature may invert.

Ongoing Dance Level Discussions
As many of you know, we are attempting to improve our levelling of dances, to make the programmes for each of our classes appropriate for the audience the classes target. Many people are very passionate about their classes and sensitive about the programmes that their classes are given. This is understandable and quite justified and we are trying hard to deal with this very complex subject.
We believe we may have overreacted a little to the dance leveling, to the point that the last programme was insufficiently complex at the Mainstream level. Please remember that we are humans, and do make mistakes occasionally. We are trying to solve a problem that is plaguing the global line dance community, and it may take a while to get it right.
Once we do get this sorted, we intend to produce a series of manuals that document the moves, timings and other elements that make up each level of dance from the simplest level 1 to the outrageously hard level 10. This will enable you to track your knowledge and experience and help you to decide when you are ready to move up.
Remember however, that each class level is intended for a specific category of dancer. We do not assume years of dancing experience means high ability. Individuals learn things at different speeds, and not everyone has the ability or time or patience to cope with more complex routines or concepts.
We allow individuals to determine what level they wish to attempt, but the instructors do assume some knowledge from the lower levels when teaching the higher level classes. If you decide to attempt a level beyond your experience or ability, you cannot expect the rest of the class to be held back, just because you want to stretch yourself prematurely. That will just create unnecessary tension between you, the instructor and the other dancers. If you want some advice on your suitability to move up, just ask your current instructor.
If you decide to attend a class of a level below your experience, be patient with the dancers around you and with the instructor, as these classes are not targeted at you. You may get frustrated and bored, unless you are motivated by the social aspect and like to assist less experienced dancers to succeed.
Lifestyle Classes are intended for the one hour retirement villages who often dance on carpet and may have mobility issues, or for a brand new beginners class that has no experienced dancers to provide visual confidence to the less experienced dancers. The dances used here are level 1 and 2.
Easy Level Classes are intended for inexperienced dancers to be able join any week they like. It is our entry level for new people and must accommodate them whenever present. Newer dancers must be patient with themselves however, and cannot expect to achieve greatness, let alone competence, in one lesson. Experienced dancers that attend these classes need to understand that there will be limited complexity and variety at this level, and should they want to be challenged more, they should join a higher level class. The dances used here are level 1, 2 and 3.
Transition Level Classes are intended to assist experienced easy level dancers to make the step into Mainstream in a low stress environment. The teaching is slower than is used in a Mainstream class, but knowledge of standard Easy level movements is assumed. The dances used here are level 3 and 4.
Mainstream Level Classes are intended for experienced dancers that have been dancing competently at easy level for sufficient time to understand all the terminology and body mechanics of that level. The dances used here are level 4 and 5.
Crossover Level Classes are intended to assist experienced Mainstream level dancers to make the change into Intermediate classes in a reduced stress environment. The teaching is slower than is used in an Intermediate class, but knowledge of standard Mainstream level movements is assumed. The dances used here are level 6.
Intermediate Level Classes are intended for very experienced dancers that have been dancing competently at mainstream level for sufficient time to understand all the terminology and body mechanics of that level. You will be dancing less dances per session at this level because the dances are longer and more complex in technique and timing, so take more time to explain. Expect a serious level of difficulty and quite a degree of self challenge at this level. The dances used here are level 6 and 7.
Advanced/Challenge Level Classes are not being run by us at this time. We have run these in the past, but found that we ran out of enough dancers capable or willing to dance this level to pay for the hall and teacher. We hope in the future to resurrect this level of class if there is sufficient interest, once we have "fixed" the other levels of class and sorted out our automatic dance leveling system. The dances used here are level 8, 9 and 10.

Future Overseas Travel Opportunities
Liz and I are always considering where next to focus our travel bug. We have a number of possible trips we would like to do in the next few years. Which ones we will offer depend on economic issues such as currency fluctuations and world economy issues and on stability issues such as terrorism and political turbulence. If you have an interest in joining us, or a preference in one or more of these, please let us know.
Egypt / Jordan / Turkey - This would include a Nile Cruise and the Giza Pyramids, a visit to the ancient city of Petra (Indiana Jones) and a visit to Gallipoli, among other things. We are waiting on Egypt to become a little more stable/safe.
European River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam (or reverse), including a visit to Paris. The Aussie dollar needs to improve against the Euro to make this economical.
Canadian Rockies and Alaska Cruise - Including the scenic railway through the Rockies. This is expensive, so we need to wait for the Aussie dollar to be much better before considering it.
African Safari through Kenya and Rwanda - Including a visit to the mountain Gorillas. We would have to find a "glam" accommodation option for this to happen, and enough interested people to arrange our own safari.

If you have any other suggestions, Liz and I are more than happy to have a chat about them.

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