This is a follow up newsletter to the one last week announcing the resumption of classes. I am sorry last weeks message was so late notice, but we did not get official notification till 7.30 pm on Wednesday night, and sent it out at about 8 pm (as quick as possible). The alternative was to wait until the following Monday and miss out on 2 more days of classes. Unfortunately, not everyone could react quick enough, and therefore our classes were not well attended on the Thursday and Friday. Hopefully things pick up soon.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team


    Most classes have now been back for a week. There are a few classes that, because numbers have not recovered, have been closed for the next couple of weeks. Marden Tuesday (Transition) and Marden Wednesday (Easy)  will not be running for the next 2 weeks.
    There are a few rules regarding mask wearing. Please wear a mask to and from class. You can remove it to drink, eat and to dance, but otherwise it must be left on while seated or walking around. This is a minor imposition to enable you to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of the exercise and the social contact that your class provides.
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter


    Many people have suggested to us that "Dancing is not permitted", so why are we able to run classes. This is because the "Dancing" referred to in the "simplified rules" is directed at bars and nightclubs where alcohol is served. Our type of dancing is considered recreational and fitness oriented, and is permitted provided we adhere to our Covid Safe Plan and maintain good personal hygiene and social distancing as much as is practical. Additionally we must wear masks as previously mentioned.
    We understand the apparent lack of logic in the mask mandate: "Why wear a mask sitting down when we are with the same people out on the dance floor without a mask". We are actually lucky to not have to wear a mask while dancing. The rule makers are reasonable people, that understand that exercising while wearing a mask is not healthy, and so have given people exercising a dispensation. This is a good thing, not bad, and should be applauded, rather than being made a mockery of.


    We have cancelled the August Social planned for the 15 th August. Class numbers are low due to mask hesitancy, and it would be unfair to ask the instructors to run the social with the likelihood of insufficient attendance.
    We have also cancelled the planned Xmas Saturday Social at Goodwood in November. There will be a replacement standard social on Sunday 7 th November instead. Hopefully we will run the big Xmas social at around the same time next Year.


    Over the last 18 months, Liz and I have bent over backwards to give you, the customers, the best possible access to the line dance experience that you have enjoyed, in the safest and most convenient possible way. It has cost us dearly both in personal time, finance and emotional well being, but we have been happy to make the sacrifice to keep everyone safe and entertained. As soon as there is a lock down, we immediately program live streams 3 times a week to keep everyone sane and in touch (if they want to).
    So I was very disappointed when, at the start of the most recent "restart", I got a number of messages from people saying "I am not coming to class while there is any requirement to wear a mask".
    Lets face it... This Covid-19 stuff is not going away anytime soon. You have to mask up at the supermarket, the movies, public transport, any indoor space where people congregate. While there is any possibility of these virulent strains of Covid-19 being transmitted, masks will be around.
    We are even looking at selling our own LDSA branded masks as a sort of uniform LOL.
    We have seen how much people have lost mental acuity and physical fitness after just the 2 week break that we recently had. If you are going to wait until masks are no longer required, then there may not be a class to return to. Our numbers are down by about 30% in most classes and much lower in others.
    If this is still the case when we return from our 2 week "personal battery recharge" break, many classes will have to shut permanently, which would be a shame.
    You don't have to wear a mask while dancing, just when sitting down or walking around, and even then, if you are drinking you don't need to use one. Just have it on you (maybe on your wrist) for when you stop drinking or dancing.
    Don't stop doing our favorite past time because of a mask. Don't let Covid-19 beat you.


    The timing of the last lock down couldn't have been worse for us and our organisation. Everything that could have aligned to make things difficult did. The planned for list was:
End of Financial Year (Tax)
End of Quarter (GST and venue bills)
End of class dance programme (new one needed)
End of Class Names List (12 weeks were up)
    I was coping with all this, it had been planned for...
    Then we had storms and while multitasking on the computer we had a blackout.... time and data lost, but we were coping....
    Then I got an email from the company hosting my web site and my email provider. They were stopping hosting of any web sites and their associated email hosting and I had a couple of days to find alternative arrangements. Aaarrrggghhh. They suggested transferring to the company that was buying them out, as the transfer would be smoother that way (it wasn't smooth at all).
    The Web site and the email is mostly how I communicate with you the customers. So I started the process.... we were coping...
Then.... Covid Lock Down....
    No email, no web site, no face to face... nothing.
    Talk about a mad scramble. My Neighbor Dave worked on the web site transfer, while I worked on the email side of it and informing you all of the situation.
    Yesterday, I finally put the last piece of the puzzle back together again. There were a couple of internet variables that needed to be changed to stop my newsletters from going into peoples spam folders. I had done this already for the old host, but had not remembered to do it for the new one (I had only ever done it once before 3 Years ago). So the last newsletter about classes reopening may not have got to a lot of you. Sorry about that.
    Anyway, Liz and I now need a couple of weeks to chill down and recover, so please be patient with our support staff until we return from our holiday, We are unlikely to have email or phone coverage as we will be in remote regional South Australia (so much for NSW snowfields or Vic snowfields as originally planned).

Online Classes - Facebook and Zoom

We will not be live streaming for the next 2 weeks, until September.

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