Welcome to our Fourth email newsletter for 2021 to all our dancers that have given us their email addresses. Further below is information (some repeated from last month) about:
Closure of some Physical Classes and Online Classes
Concert with "The Borderers"
Regular Socials for 2021
Xmas Social for 2021
Doctor vs Chiropractor vs Physio vs Podiatrist
Dance Class Merchandise
Covid QR codes
Optional Cashless Classes
European River Cruise 2023
All classes are now operational, and our next social for 2021 is on Sat 8th May at the new venue. NOTE THIS IS A SATURDAY, NOT A SUNDAY
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Closure of Some Physical Classes and Online Classes

Due to lack of attendance, a few classes have been forced to close. These are:
Wed Afternoon Easy Level - Glenelg North
Thursday Night Transition Level - West Croydon
Friday Morning Easy Level - Christies Beach
    There are a few others that are close to closing if numbers don't improve. This is a normal situation, as location demographics change over time, and some people move on to higher levels, or stop dancing for whatever reason. If you attend one of these risky classes and you want your class to continue, then please make your attendance a priority or it may not be there when you want to return. We are always looking to opening new classes in different locations to explore new possibilities. If you have any suggestions for such opportunities, or ways to help promote classes, please contact the office with your ideas.
    We will also be stopping the online classes soon, as they are no longer needed to support Covid-19 lock downs, and have not attracted much interest in regional Australia as was hoped. International interest has been pleasing, but due to time zone differences, we are not convenient for most American or European locations. We still have issues with broadcasting of music and having the sound muted very frequently which is frustrating. The technology will be kept in place in case we need to resume them in the future.

Concert with "The Borderers"

    At the West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL there is going to be a concert with the local Celtic band "The Borderers". They are a lively couple of artists, and very worthy of our support, as Alex and Jim have been associated with line dancing for decades. We use their music for quite a few line dances.

We have 4 tables booked, with 2 of them already accounted for. If you would like a ticket, please contact the office urgently and send your money through your instructor. The last concert with Chunky Custard was sold out very quickly.

Regular Socials for 2021

    Our next social is next Saturday at our new venue. It is at the West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL at 16 Rosetta St, on the corner of Herbert Rd. There is plenty of parking. We will be having the Urn and tea and coffee makings, so bring your own cup and any nibbles you want (not to share).
    The venue will be offering lunch meals prior to this social as a trial, from 12 Noon. The menu is small (about 12 selections), but the food is good. It includes Schnitzels, Fish & Chips, Curry etc. Come along and support our venue.

The dates of this years remaining socials are:
Sat 8 th May - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 30 th May - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 4 th July - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 15 th August - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 19 th September - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sun 17 th October - 1.30-5.00 pm
Sat 6 th November - Times TBA
Sat 11 th December - 12.30-4.00 pm
    Please note the early May and December dates are on a Saturday, as the hall was unavailable on the Sunday. Also note that the December time is different as well. The November Social is to be at the Goodwood Community Centre, but we will evaluate the viability of a large social (200+ people) closer to the date. If not, then we have a tentative booking for the Sunday 7th Nov at our regular venue.

Xmas Social for 2021

    Liz and I are discussing the viability and practicality of running the big Xmas social in November. There are a number of regulations that are going to impact how we do things.
    The first of these is obviously Covid-19 restrictions, which we cannot predict till closer to the day, but will likely restrict us to a number less than the 240 that we were originally planning. We are guessing it will be 150 people, and are planning along those lines. The venue is permitted more, but the way we use the venue is unique. When people are resting they sit at their table seat, when people are dancing they occupy the floor. At any one time everyone could be in one place or the other. So each person really takes up 2 Covid-19 spots in the hall, therefore reducing the capacity by half. I am not sure of the legal situation, but the moral one is to halve the combined legal capacity of the double room.
    The second regulation is in regard to disposable tableware such as cups, plates and cutlery. The SA Government has a ban on single use plastic utensils (which we approve of), but the alternative single use items are wooden and cardboard, which are more expensive, and less pleasant to eat and drink with. The best and most cost effective solution is to ask the dancers to bring their own.
We have found some travel cutlery that we thought we might offer to those that want to purchase them.
    They include: knife, fork and spoon, chopsticks and 2 straws (one bent) with straw cleaner. They come in sliver, gold, rose gold, black and multi-coloured in a nifty zipper case. The cost is $ 15 per set and will take Months to come from China, so we need to get the order in soon to guarantee delivery by the Xmas social

    When you order them, please let us know what colour you want, as we are only going to order what people are requesting, we will not be keeping stock after the first order. This is not intended to be a regular line dance product line, just a one off opportunity for our customers, to avoid them having to use credit cards on the internet and the obvious risk that that entails.

Doctor vs Chiropractor vs Physio vs Podiatrist

    I should first state that I am not a medical professional, nor even a medical amateur, so I am not qualified to give medical advice at all. However I have noticed that, having customers in the mainly senior category, a number of medical complaints seem to recur in conversation very regularly. The medical professionals asked to deal with these problems also vary, depending on the medical leanings of the complainant. It seems that some people swear by physio's, others by chiro's and still others by podiatrists in addition to visiting and trusting their GP's. I must also note here that these issues are not generated by Line Dancing, but do affect the ability of people to participate in classes, much to their dismay (and ours too LOL).
  Some of the issues I have noticed commonly are:
Vertigo / Dizziness
Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs
Bulging Discs / Back Pain
Joint Soreness (Hip and Knee mainly).
My observations re these conditions are:
    Vertigo / Dizziness - Commonly this can be caused by crystals growing inside the inner ear, which affect the balance of the sufferer when the crystals break off and stimulate the tiny hairs that are sensitive to movement. There is a way to fix this by medicos moving the head around briskly to release the crystals and create a more stable ear canal. Some people are just prone to this, so it is not necessarily a permanent fix and the treatment may need to be repeated in time. I recommend that you let your instructor know of your issue and they can suggest low turn alternatives to reduce the effect. You may need to consider dropping class levels if you find the level you regularly dance has too many turns. It would be a shame to drop the physical and mental exercise altogether.
    Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs - Liz suffered from this for many years, until she came across a person that was a qualified doctor, naturopath and chiropractor. The cause (for her) was multiple hard cysts along her tendon that caused the tendon to tighten in her arch. The podiatrist wanted Liz to wear orthotics for the rest of her life. The eventual solution for Liz was using ultrasound to break up the cysts (over a long period of time), thus releasing the tension, and also finding the right arch supports in her shoes to stop the problem for recurring. The alternative was surgery which may have not fixed the problem at all, or a Cortisone injection which only numbs the pain for a while, rather than fixing the problem (so we are told).
    Bulging Discs / Back Pain - There seems to be a number of radically different proposals to solve this dependent on who the medical professional is that is giving advice. Many doctors seem to suggest surgery, by fusing the spine pieces together to stop the pressure on the disc. This solution reduces the movement available in the back, and is likely to move the problem further along the spine over time, if the cause of the back stress is not also dealt with. Chiropractors can use a special stretching table that helps reduce the back stress, allowing the disc to return to it's proper position over time without surgery. Physio's recommend massage and exercises to make the body do the same thing.
    Joint Soreness - Joints wearing out are a fact of modern life unfortunately. Many dancers have had joint replacements, and most are very successful. The one observation I would make about those people is how many say they should have done them earlier, rather than putting up with the pain for so long. Many have found that by waiting, the "good" joint ended up being damaged due to favoring the better leg, causing the second one to need replacing as well.
    My overall summary: Explore all the alternatives. Realise the bias's that some medical professionals have toward other medical professionals and take them into account. Here in Australia, all of them have qualifications and experience worthy of being listened to. Listen to them, so you can make an educated decision about your own body. Remember there are good and bad people with differing skills and experience in every profession, and it doesn't hurt (or sometimes even cost) to get a second opinion before getting surgery or chemical intervention. Don't let one bad experience (or story about an experience from a third party) to colour your opinion about a complete profession.

Dance Class Merchandise

    Johnathon has had a delivery of the shoe socks to enable people to reduce the grip on sticky floors. If you have been waiting for these, see him at the social, or ask your instructor to bring some to class. They are now packaged as single pairs (previously there were 2 pairs in a packet for $17), and are $9 for a pair.
    We have an issue with some floors becoming sticky when evaporative air conditioners are in use. It is not something that we can fix, so these socks make the issue less of a problem. There are also some that are suitable for dancing on carpet.
    We still have good supplies of the ladies black and green blouses available as well as the green polo shirts.
    Club uniforms are not obligatory, but they do make it easier to decide what to wear when preparing for class.
    Please note that selling of anything in class (like raffle tickets, tours, concerts etc) needs to be authorized by the line dance office, to ensure that they fit with the inclusive and non threatening environment that we are providing to our customers.

Covid QR Codes

    We have had our Covid-Safe Info updated recently with QR Codes. These are large black and white rectangles with data built into them that can be scanned by your smart phones to "check in" to any locations you attend.
If you don't have a smart phone, or cannot use the app for whatever reason, do not be concerned. It appears that many older phones do not cope with the checking in software very well anyway (you should try the Victorian app, it was worse for us on our newish iPhones).
    We are obliged by law to display these codes, but we continue to update our internal contact tracing data, so you are covered anyway if you don't use it. It is effectively an additional layer of information, and you will need to be QR literate if you go to cafe's etc anyway, so you may like to practice using them in a low stress environment at the end of class. I suspect they will be a fact of life for many months to come, till effective vaccines are available and widely distributed.

Optional Cashless Classes

    In 2021, we will continue to offer a "multipass" concept where you purchase a 10 class card (Green Card) or a 5 class card (Red Card) which can be clicked with a hole punch each time you attend a specific class.
    The card will be for one particular class, but can be shared with others in your class should you wish to buy one jointly. We cannot at this stage produce one for multiple classes, as the logistics of transferring the money from instructor to instructor is too hard to handle with everything else going on. I know this may mean purchasing multiple cards for some people, and therefore a lot of money upfront, but at this stage it cant be helped.
You can either purchase a card directly from your instructor, or via internet banking into our account and we will send the card to your instructor to pass on to you.
    Details of our bank account are on our web site under "Online Payment" should you wish to pay that way, but please send me a message to say you have deposited the money, as I don't monitor it every day.

European River Cruise 2023

    We are finally planning our next overseas adventure. We are arranging a Viking cruise between Amsterdam and Budapest between June and August 2023 (dates yet to be set). The cost for a balcony cabin will be approximately $ 12,000 (including airfares, but not insurance) per person for a holiday between 15 and 18 days in length. Obviously it is difficult to set things in concrete due to Covid-19 rules etc, but we think that things should be settled by then, so feel confident we will be able to go ahead with this holiday.
    We are asking for a refundable $ 500 deposit per person to hold your twin share cabin (you need to find a cabin mate). We are planning to initially booking 10 cabins, with an option on more provided they are available. Remember these ships are much smaller and only have about 100 cabins, and 2022 sailings are almost sold out already, so you will need to be quick to reserve yours. The deposit is refundable till 12 months before sailing. At that stage there will be an additional payment required of approx $ 2000 to cover airfares and transfers. The balance will be required 7 months before sailing.
    If you go online to check out the prices, be aware that you will see them for about $ 8,000. These are the cheapest cabins (waterline) and there are only a couple available per ship. This is a marketing strategy, so don't fall for it.
    This holiday is available to anyone who wants to travel with us. Although we are a line dance group, there may not be any actual line dance component to the holiday due to Covid-19 issues, so don't build up any expectation in that regard. What we can provide is a group of like minded and able people to share this wonderful experience with, with a tour provider (that would be Peter and Liz) that have a well proven track record of guided tours over 15 years to all parts of the globe. We started with Taiwan in 2006, and have been to Africa, much of Asia, North, South and Central America, as well as cruises to the Pacific, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea during that time.
We would love to meet any of our online friends that would like to join us. We can arrange the appropriate airfares from your location to meet up with the rest of us.
    You have a long time to save for this trip, but not long to think about it.
For more info, speak to Liz or Peter.

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