April Newsletter 2022

    Welcome to our fifth newsletter for 2022.
    Well, Liz and I are now grandparents. We have been (and returned) to Melbourne to meet the new addition to the family, and further trips are being planned.
    Johnathon is recovering well from his surgery and expects to be back in early May. He has been told there is no need for further cancer treatment as the operation was a complete success.
    Socials are still running, with the next one on the 1 st May (none in April due to long weekends). The March social was rather quiet compared to previous months, so hopefully we will get better numbers for the next one.
Information below on:
Dancer Requirements for Covid - Update
Clarification of Class Prices
Our First Grandson
Class Changes
Upcoming Socials
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Dancer Requirements for Covid - Update

    It appears that soon there will no longer be a legal requirement to wear masks for general activities. I have not as yet been officially informed what this means for us and the dance community. When I know officially, I will let you know as well. Until then, please continue abiding by the wearing of masks while not dancing or drinking.
Even when masks are no longer legally required, you are welcome to still wear them if it makes you feel more protected. Both Liz and I intend to continue wearing them in confined or crowded environments.
    We have had to abandon an opportunity for two new classes due to our mandate on vaccinated customers only. The organisation we were going to work with would not allow us to only accept vaccinated people. This meant there would have been an increased risk of exposure to the two instructors, and we decided the risk of exposure, and lack of consistency with the rest of the network was not worth it unfortunately.
    Liz and I have discussed this vaccination mandate at length, and have decided that, till Covid is no longer an active and easily transmissible disease, we will continue to require that all customers be at least double vaccinated.
    We have based this decision on the fact that, unlike other diseases like chicken pox etc, contracting the disease does not guarantee that you wont catch it again. Many people have caught it multiple times. A small percentage of those that do contract it end up getting Long Covid, which is debilitating for potentially the rest of your life. There is no chance of "herd immunity" as was originally presumed. It is just better to avoid getting it in the first place, or at least reduce the risk as much as possible. If a person isn't willing to vaccinate for the protection of their fellow humans, then they are unlikely to adhere to other protective measures to reduce the spread.
    Should you have any symptoms that could be Covid, please have a RAT test before coming to class. If it shows positive, obviously don't come to class, till you no longer have symptoms and have had a negative RAT result. We are heading into cold and flu season, and also hay fever season, which could mask a positive covid condition if you are not vigilant.
    We have also decided to continue collecting and validating the contact tracing information. While QR codes seem to be no longer required or used, many dancers have indicated they would like to know if they have been potentially exposed to someone with Covid. Should you be diagnosed with Covid having recently (within 2 days) been to a class, please contact either the office or the instructor, so they/we can advise the other dancers to get tested just in case.
    As yet we have had no classes exposed to Covid since the start of the outbreak, but it may only be a matter of time, and we need to be prepared.

Clarification of Class Prices

    It appears that there has been some misunderstanding of prices and length of classes. We have many classes in our network of varying lengths. Many of the classes in retirement villages are of an hour in length ($ 9). Some newish and country classes are 1.5 hours ($ 12). The majority of established classes are 2 hour classes ($ 15).
    We do not have the option to offer a reduced length class for a cheaper amount. If the class is a 2 hour class, you will be expected to pay for a 2 hour class. If you decide to only do an hour, that is your choice, but we rent the hall for a fixed length and have to charge accordingly.
I hope this clears up the misunderstandings.

Our First Grandson

    Our Daughter Rachel and her husband Nick had their first child (and our first Grand child) at 11.45 pm on Tuesday 5 th April (she was due on the 6 th April). Michael Yacoub was just over 6 pounds, and Mother and Son are doing very well (as is the Father LOL). Liz and I were over there the day after they arrived home (they only were kept in the hospital for one day) so he is only 2 or 3 days old in the photos. Liz will be returning to Melbourne in a couple of weeks for a couple of weeks. He has made it very clear he does not like the cold, and hates having his nappy changed. The third photo is when he was exactly 1 week old.

Class Changes

    As we don't know exactly when Johnathon will be sufficiently recovered to resume teaching, and when Liz will be returning to Melbourne yet, I cannot say when the disrupted classes will return to normal, but everything should be back to normal after Mothers Day,
    I am detailing here further likely changes to classes from Tuesday 26 th April.

Fullarton - Lifestyle - RETURNING TO ORIGINAL TIME
of 6-7 pm - Peter or Johnathon

Marden - Transition 10 am-Noon - Peter relieving

Marden - Easy - Peter relieving
Parafield Gardens - Mainstream - 20 th April Closed, 27 th April 1-3 pm, then normal

Osborne - Mainstream 9.30 am-11 am - closed for 1 or 2 weeks
Marden - Mainstream 10 am-Noon - Robyn relieving
Marden - Crossover 1 pm-3 pm - closed for 1 or 2 weeks


We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 1 st May
Sunday 29 th May
Sunday 26 th June
Sunday 24 th July
Sunday 28 th August
Sunday 25 th September
Sunday 6 th November
Sunday 11 th December
    What we do about the Xmas breakup social will be determined later in the year, when we are more confident in how things will operate in 2022. We do have the 5 th November booked at Goodwood for the large Saturday event, but are keeping a Sunday slot also available should we decide to again postpone a large event due to Covid-19 concerns.
   There are no limits to numbers any more, so tickets sold beforehand are not required.
Meals are available from Noon as usual.

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