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    Hi All,
    Unfortunately Covid-19 has decided to become more of a nuisance than ever. Multiple people are coming to class and then discovering they are positive a few days later. This is not their fault, but it is an issue we have to be aware of. I am also getting an increasing number of calls from people asking when they can return to class after having contracted Covid-19. Others are becoming hesitant about coming to class because of the very high rate of transmission in the community at the moment. For these reasons, I have decided to prepare a list of instructions regarding Covid-19 and how it affects our classes. I think they are all common sense, and I have explained the reasoning behind each element to help give people an understanding of the purpose.
    I am sure you are now aware that:
    Catching Covid-19 does not give you an immunity from catching it again a Month of so later.
    The vaccines reduce the severity of the disease and reduce the chances of hospitalisation, but you can still catch it (and re-transmit it) having been vaccinated.
    The danger of contracting long Covid and the issues that entails is not insignificant.
    Class sizes are already dangerously low, and any significant outbreak could cause a class to close permanently.
    Please remember that, if your instructor catches Covid-19, your classes (and probably a number of others) are likely to be shut for a significant time. We are trying to avoid this from happening as much as possible.
    Please read the following carefully. If this policy creates any issues for you, or you have some feedback you would like to pass on, my contact details are included.

See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team
Line Dancers of South Australia
Covid-19 Policy to keep us all Safe Commencing 25 th July 2022

    As the Official Government rules regarding Covid-19 infections are always changing due to political sensitivities, we feel it is important to set out how we wish to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, with respect to the classes that we run, and those that attend those classes, both staff and students.
    Out of respect for our instructors, dancers, families and friends, we feel that these measures are necessary to protect not only our business, but the health of all of the individuals involved. We are not trying to be draconian and tell people what they can and can't do, but trying to give some sensibility and clarity in a confusing and fluid media environment (reasonings in Italics in brackets).
    It is unlikely that Covid-19 is going away any time soon, so these common-sense measures will be in place for the foreseeable future. Remember, if we catch it, many classes will be closed for 2 weeks.

    People that attend our classes are required to:

    Be at a minimum double vaccinated for Covid-19 (We are not in charge of your health status and assume that if you have been vaccinated twice, then you are likely to continue getting boosters. We are not tracking these), and
    Wear a mask when entering and exiting the venue (this is to protect our staff, as the entrance/exit is the place where you and they are least able to socially distance), and
    Socially distance during breaks by having the chairs sufficiently spaced apart, and
    Regularly maintain the contact register at the door (so we can rapidly inform people), and
    Do not attend if exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms such as: Coughing, Sneezing, Runny nose, Headaches, Nausea or Running a temperature (we recommend getting tested for Covid-19 in these cases, remembering that RAT tests sometimes take days to go positive).
    People that have attended a class and subsequently test positive for Covid-19 within 3 days of attending the class should:
    Notify the office via message (0407 970 418) or email (peter@linedancersofsa.org) that they have tested positive so other attendees can be notified. Include your name and the class you attended (if you don't want your name mentioned, please say so in the notification, but this is not finger pointing and there is no stigma with being covid positive, we are just wanting to keep people informed as best as is possible).
    People that test positive for Covid-19 are required to not attend a class until:
    They no longer have any visible symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or runny nose, and 14 days have passed since first testing positive (the science has not changed, you may still be infectious without symptoms, remember most of our customers are at a vulnerable age), or
    Have recently received a negative PCR test since becoming Covid positive (A RAT test is not acceptable as they are nowhere near as reliable).
Peter & Liz Heath - Operators - Line Dancers of South Australia

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