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Now Beginning our 30 th Year of Line Dancing in South Australia
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Last Updated 23 rd August  2023
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    It is with great regret that we must inform you that this will be our last week of running line dance classes till at least the end of May, and probably for a long time after that. We feel this is the responsible and professional response to the awful situation that the World is in at the moment.
    We considered shutting down immediately, but feel that it would be nice to give people the opportunity to say goodbye to their classmates and swap phone numbers etc, so they can support each other remotely.
Many of our classes have already shut due to venue unavailability, so won't get this opportunity to farewell, but those that are still running will not do so after this week.
There will also be NO social in April 2020.
    We are going to investigate the possibility of running online classes, to keep people active in their own homes, but we are not set up to do this at the moment. When they come on line (pardon the pun LOL), we will send out another newsletter.
    Please keep safe and well. I hope when this is over that we can brag that we did not lose any of our wonderful line dance family during these awful and scary times.
    If you need someone to talk to, I am sure your classmates would love to hear from you, and if you need to contact someone, then we wont give you their number, but with your permission, can ring them and give them your number to contact you.
    We will miss you all and wish you safe times. See you on the other side,
    Thanks Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team.

These Classes Are Already Shut
Old Reynella with Shirley
Morphett Vale with Shirley
Glengowrie with Johnathon
Marden Tuesday Transition with Liz
Fullarton with Johnathon
Goolwa with Sue (1 class at Currency creek left)
McLaren Vale with Sue
Seaton Transition and Mainstream with Patch

    Social Distancing in Class

    For those attending classes, we suggest the following measures to reduce the risk of transmission. Medical authorities say transmission is via droplets from coughing or sneezing, rather than just airborne transmission via breathing.
   Do not attend if you have any cough or cold symptoms.
    Increase the spacing between seat placement for the rest breaks.
    Rather than shaking hands, hugging or kissing, bump outer elbows as a sign of greeting/affection.
    If you feel the need to cough or sneeze, do it into your inner elbow, then remove yourself from fellow dancers for their peace of mind.
    Practice good hygiene (regular hand washing) before and after class and avoid touching your face.
    When dancing, attempt to keep about 2 meters away from each other (we nearly do that anyway usually)
    Bring correct money, so there is no need for receiving change from someone else's hands.
    In these circumstances, line dancing is the safest form of dance that exists, as everyone is facing the same way, so there is limited face to face interaction. This means transmission while dancing is virtually impossible. Remember that COVID-19 is not the only reason people cough or sneeze. There are also allergies (hay fever etc), regular colds and flu that cause this, so don't panic if someone should sneeze or cough near you.
    Please remember, we are not doctors, so this is advice only and what you do is your decision.

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