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    We are running live stream classes to keep everyone active and in touch during these difficult times.
They will available from our Facebook page as a live stream at :-
    We have deliberately decided to run these classes free of charge, as not everyone has the money to pay for them in the current circumstances. However, we have been approached by people wanting to pay for the classes, so should you wish to contribute to the cost of running these classes, it would be appreciated. We have had to purchase equipment to make them happen, and have no income at all coming in. We have not arranged this payment option till we have been sure that the quality of our presentation is sufficiently professional to justify accepting payment.
There are three ways you can get the funds to us:

1. Collect it in a tin/jar and give it to us when you see us again in the future,

2. Pay us via our new PayPal account (they deduct approx. $0.50 each transaction) using the email: classes@linedancersofsa.org via the PayPal button above (it also accepts credit cards).

3. Pay us via direct deposit (no deductions taken out) using our bank details:
BSB: 065122, Account No: 11191651, Account Name: Peter Heath

    Please put your name in any comments field, so we can acknowledge your contribution.
    We are not doing this to make anyone feel guilty or obligated, so please donít contribute, if you donít want to, and we will not judge in any way. Our classes are still free for anyone that would like to join us, but we would rather not to have to find another job, and risk not being able to resume classes when the social distancing rules are relaxed, sometime in the future.
Liz & Peter Heath

  Will Open a New Browser Window

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