Late November Newsletter 2021

    Welcome to our latest newsletter. Here is an update regarding the upcoming Covid-19 situation here in South Australia, and how we intend to handle it with our classes. Please read carefully and right to the end.
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy for LDSA from November 24th 2021

    As I am sure all of you are aware, on November 24 th of this year, South Australia will be opening the border for any Australian (or incoming overseas traveller) that has been double vaccinated, without the need to isolate. This is scaring many people (including us) worried about a tidal wave of cases.
    We have been very lucky here in South Australia that we have no cases of Coivd-19 and have not had for many months. The government has decided to change the rules, but has not had the fortitude to mandate any policy relating to customer facing businesses like ours and how to handle non vaccinated patrons.
    This leaves us with a dilemma that cannot continue. The threat of the virus is real, and the fear of the virus is equally real.
    In NSW, and Victoria, the government has mandated that, if you are not double vaccinated, then you cannot participate in many activities, of which dancing is one. Unless you show you have been double vaccinated in those states, you cannot attend line dance classes. I believe that the same will happen here in the not too distant future, but it has not been announced yet. I believe it has been announced that over the next few days, the Covid App on the phone (that you use for checking in) is being modified to display your vaccination status.
    If we do nothing in our organisation, then there are many customers that will not attend classes for fear of being with an un-vaccinated customer, and potentially catch the virus and take it home to family and friends. If we mandate dancers must be double vaccinated, we ostracize some of our loyal customers and potential new customers and we lose them, probably permanently.
    Liz and I have been in heavy discussions about this issue, and both agree that we need to make a clear and immediate decision regarding this issue.
    We have decided that, from midnight on Wednesday 24 th November: people that cannot show proof that they have been double vaccinated will no longer be able to attend any of our classes.
    We are sorry if this means that you can no longer participate, but if we do not make this mandate, then we are likely to lose our business altogether.
We respect your right to choose not to be vaccinated for whatever reason you have. We hope you will respect our right to protect our family and the other customers from this disease and to protect our business from the wave of fear that is building even as we write this announcement.
    We intend to record your status on our contact sheet, so, once we have sighted your status, you will not need to show it again unless you go to a different class. Being an unplanned thing, there will be some teething issues with our recording system, so please be patient.

Covid-19 Information Clarification - My Take On It

    If you are already double vaccinated, you may not want to read this next bit, but for those who are a bit overwhelmed by the conflicting information out there, here is my interpretation of the situation we are in.
    I am not a Doctor, nor am I a "health professional". I have university degrees in both Science and Engineering. My parents were psychologists, so I have some understanding of how the human brain and emotional system works. I am also very careful in what I put into my body, I have never knowingly drunk alcohol or smoked a cigarette and I even avoid coffee and tea (just don't ask about chocolate, pizza and cheesecake though LOL). I rarely take any form of medication unless prescribed, and sometimes not even then. I often do not have anesthetic at the dentist.
    When it comes to media and advertising, I am one of the cynical people that think that much of what we are told is false and misleading advertising. Much of what we hear and see is driven by someone else's motivation for power, profit or influence.         For me, my motivation is the welfare of my family and friends (even the cat), and the continued existence of the business I have built up all my life, which is being threatened by this pandemic.
    In saying that, here are the "facts" as I see them...
Covid-19 is real. Wherever it came from (human or nature), it is real and dangerous.     It is killing millions of people.
    Covid-19 is not the first and is not going to be the last pandemic, it is just the most recent one.
    Vaccines are an important part of keeping our civilization one step ahead of natures attempt to balance the environment (that we are disturbing by our sheer human numbers and relentless exploitation of the environment).
All medications have side effects that a minority of people will suffer from. Vaccines are no different.
    No medications are 100% effective. Some people's immune systems reject the medication, leaving them vulnerable to the disease being treated or avoided. Vaccines are the same.
    Some medications will prevent getting diseases. Others will reduce the symptoms, and some others will reduce the ability to transmit the disease to fellow beings.
When taking any medication, you are weighing up the risk of the disease or ailment with the risk of the treatment.
    When making choices about medication or health treatments, you need to consider the social, lifestyle and mental health aspects of the decision, as well as the body chemistry, religious, ethics and political aspects of a decision.
    When evaluating advice, consider the qualifications of the person giving the advice, and consider what motivates the person that is giving the advice and whether it is benefiting them or you.
    I believe in Science. I have not met someone that has Covid-19, I have not had Covid-19. But I know that there is no benefit to any government or organisation to "make up" this whole pandemic thing. Covid-19 is a thing, and it is here and it is probably here to stay and it is dangerous. The World now is a different place, and we will not be going back to the way things were.

The scientists say that:

    Getting Covid-19 when un-vaccinated can often be a rapid death sentence, especially to the elderly and medically compromised.
    Even if you survive Covid-19, you are liable to have ongoing effects from the disease (Long Covid) for an indeterminate length of time.
    The vaccines are around about 90% effective at stopping you catching Covid-19
    If you are one of the unlucky ones that catch Covid-19 even when vaccinated, then you are 99% likely to have reduced symptoms and 99% likely to not be able to pass it on to other people.
    I rest my case.....

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