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LDSA's Dance Sheet Page
Here you will find some of the Dance Choreography sheets that members of LDSA have written over the past few Years. These are in Adobe pdf Format. The Dances have been given an difficulty level score out of 10:   1 being the easiest and 10 the hardest. Please select the Dance Level Green Button to take you to the Dance Step Sheets. Please then Left Click on the Dance Title of your choice to view on your screen: Right Click to Print or Download as a pdf file. If you do not have Adobe Reader, then Click on the Icon to obtain your free copy.
    Please feel free to distribute copies of these Dances.
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Levels 1 to 3

Africa Jack
Baby Sister Cha
Como Me Rumba
Cuban Vaudeville
Cut To Montana
Gaelic Frolic
Ghostly Strut
Her Guy
If You Ever Saw Her
Irish Star
Lying To My Heart
Mambo Be In It
Resist This
Scrappy Doo
Shania Chasse
Spirit In The Sky
Take Me Home
Tucson Waltz
You Make Me Waltz
Young Love
Younger Friends

Line Dance
1 - 3
4 - 5
6 - 8
9 - 10
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Levels 4 to 5
26 Miles
Bicycle Waltz
Dance Our Way
Every Girl Foxtrot
Leave it Alone
Moonlight Lady
Rainbow Connections
Sweet Gypsy Rose

Levels 6 to 8
Older Friends
Slow Country Waltz

Levels 9 to 10
She Bangs Tango

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